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Westminster, MD

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Bytelion in the Ting Makerspace


Meet Bytelion

Makerspaces are physical embodiments of the principles of the Internet. What principles, you ask? We’re talking about self-reliance, community, experimentation and accessibility. Makerspaces are about dreaming up solutions and using high-tech tools, programs and gear to create something new.

Lots of people come through the Ting Makerspace in Westminster every day. We support all kinds of makers, like students from McDaniel College, the Cool Kids Coding Club and Bytelion, an innovative tech company that’s shaking things up right here in Carroll County.

A bit about Bytelion

Bytelion’s mission is to work with bold thinkers on creative, digital solutions. They build tech software and applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Clients come in with business concepts, idea and ways to enhance ideas and Bytelion helps them actualize their goals. If entrepreneurs, start ups and companies can dream it, Bytelion can build it.

Bytelion was launched by CEO Terrance MacGregor with the goal of pursuing his primary passion, software development and entrepreneurship. Today, they have offices in Washington, Baltimore and Hampstead, Maryland, just fifteen minutes away from the Ting Makerspace in Westminster.

How do you decide which ONT to use?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Deciding which ONT to use

Want to get the attention of Ting’s VP of Internet, Adam Eisner? Ask him about our ONT.

An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is your home’s main connection back to the fiber network. In most cases, it’s a gray box attached to the side of your home with a fiber line plugged in.

ONTs come in a number of configurations. “When we first launched Ting Internet, we used (what we could call) an all-in-one gateway,” says Eisner. “The fiber terminated into the box and that box was also responsible for broadcasting wireless Internet throughout a home of business.”

So why did we replace our original ONT? “We eventually moved away from that model, really because we found it wasn’t flexible enough for what people wanted to do with their Internet service.”

Ting wants you to be able to use your Internet however you want. It’s yours, after all.

“We view ourselves as a fat pipe of Internet that doesn’t really want to get in the way of the king of things the customer wants to use the Internet for.”

How to do a proper Internet speed test

Internet speed test-

We’re going to show you how to perform a proper Internet speed test

Internet speeds can seem slow for a variety of reasons. Rogue programs using your bandwidth, poor Wi-Fi reception and other problems can make your Internet connection feel frustratingly slow.

Running a proper test will help you get started on diagnosing the problem.

Here’s Ting’s new intern Michael N. with a recap of Westminster Fallfest 2017

Meet Michael N.

Westminster Fallfest 2017

Meet Michael Nepini, Ting Westminster’s new intern from Josh Ambrose’s class, Writing for Main Street at McDaniel College. He’s presently double-majoring in Accounting Economics and Business Administration. We’re excited to have him write for us this semester so join us in welcoming him to Team Ting.

Michael was on location covering Westminster’s annual Fallfest celebration over the weekend. While he was there, he snapped some terrific photos of the festival’s events so be sure to check them out in the slideshow following his recap.

Does Ting Internet offer home phone service?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Does Ting Internet offer home phone service?

Occasionally, we’re asked if we have any plans to roll out a home phone service to complement our Internet service.

We don’t.

According to Adam Eisner, VP of Internet, there’s an ongoing discussion of what services pair well with Internet service. However, at present home phone isn’t one of them. He adds that Ting does offer a mobile phone product, which is a great option, especially for families.

As for the future, we’re always looking at our options.

Building reliable redundancy for Westminster

redundant backhaul
We don’t think much about how the Internet gets to our homes.

Well, I mean, we here at Ting do. We think about it all the time.

We, in the collective sense, as citizens and users of the Internet, don’t. Unless our access to the Internet goes away. Then we have some questions that deserve answers.

Since Ting brought the first fiber customer online in Westminster back in August 2015, we have faced some challenges. Some of those challenges have become network outages. We’d say more outages than we’d like but one outage is more than we’d like.

Network growing pains.