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Refer your neighbors and friends to Ting

Refer your neighbors and friends

Refer your neighbors and friends

Loving crazy fast fiber Internet so far? Why not tell your friends, family and neighbors?

When you refer your family, neighbors and friends to Ting, you can score free service. If having better Internet access at home has helped your family, now’s the time to shout it from the rooftops.

Tell your story

neighbors and friendsYou can share your Ting story on social media, on your personal blog or by word of mouth. Let people know how better Internet has changed things for you.

Maybe everyone in your house used to fight over the bandwidth and since Ting, they don’t anymore. Or maybe you’re noticing there’s no slowdown at night anymore when everyone on the network is at home trying to stream their favorite shows and movies.

Whatever the reason, if you’re loving Ting, you can get free service when you refer your neighbors and friends.

neighbors and friends

How it works

If you currently have Ting service, referring people is easy. Just tell your friends, family and neighbors to mention the email associated with your Ting account when they order Ting gigabit Internet.

That’s it! Everyone you refer is eligible for $99 off Ting gigabit Internet.

You’ll get one month of free service for every successful referral! That means, when someone you’ve referred signs up, you’ll get a month free.

It’s a win-win

Everyone wins with Ting’s refer a neighbor program. Help your family, friends and neighbors who missed their pre-order deadline. They can still get a discount on Ting gigabit Internet. That’s $99 off Ting gigabit service.