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Trading subpar support for tech savvy Internet service from Ting

Guest writer

Michael Nepini joins us from McDaniel College where he’s double-majoring in Accounting Economics and Business Administration.

Internet service from Ting

Meet Jason

Jason Dixon has been interested in Ting since before we officially opened our doors here in Westminster. He discovered us while working at a local café. After noticing a Ting sticker on one of our laptops, he looked us up online and decided to come over and ask if we were bringing our Internet service to Westminster’s fiber network. Surprised, we told him we were and since then he’d been counting down the days until he could sign up.

Why he switched

Jason told us he switched because he had become frustrated with his previous service provider. He said their support was always subpar, with long wait times and support agents who weren’t very helpful. They didn’t seem to have the technical knowledge to help those like him who are already knowledgeable. He was also frustrated with the Internet service itself because it wasn’t a good value for the speeds he was getting.

A typical day of Internet usage

In the morning, Jason likes to use the Internet to catch up on the news and his personal email over breakfast. He works from home, so shortly afterward, he transitions into “work mode” with his laptop. He uses Slack regularly, checks his work email, and manages tasks in Trello. Most days he’ll also have at least one conference call in Zoom with his work team or business partners.

Once he’s done with work, he usually takes a break from the computer for family time and dinner, but afterward, he likes to do some gaming and watch his favorite shows online.

How Internet service from Ting has helped

Internet service from TingTing Internet has helped Jason with the quality and reliability of his work video calls. It’s also had a really positive impact on his gaming. He says the faster connection has helped him get more enjoyment out of his online games.

Jason said his favorite part of getting crazy fast Internet service from Ting is the team of people working behind the scenes. He’s only had to reach out to us once since his installation, and he said the customer support folks he spoke with were “immensely professional, kind, and very technically savvy.” He says, from the first encounter at the café to his most recent support call, every interaction has been pleasant and had a good outcome.

Jason says he couldn’t be happier with his Internet service and says that if you’re reading this and haven’t signed up for Ting Internet already, you’re missing out!

Thinking of giving us a try? Find out if we’re in your neighborhood.