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The first home in Westminster, MD to get Ting Internet


In a second, we’ll meet Tim Redmond. First, though, a question. If you were the first person to get crazy fast fiber Internet in your entire town; the first person to get a gigabit fiber connection, what would you do?

Tim and Allison Redmond’s home was the first to get the gig in Westminster, MD. Tim was the first Ting customer to use gigabit fiber Internet. His choice? Work. He worked. He telecommuted to the office and did some work.

Fitting enough, really. Telecommuting was one of the reasons Westminster, MD—at the outer bounds of what most would consider a reasonable daily commute into Baltimore, MD or, at a stretch, Washington, DC—pitched to bring to gigabit fiber Internet to town.

“I’m a CPA so I travel around a lot to different client sites. I have a lot of opportunities to work from home. In the CPA profession, there’s a high demand on your hours but at the same time, there’s a lot of flexibility.”

To be fair, he did stream a video (without any buffering or stuttering, naturally) before jumping right back into work. The point stands.

It’s been a long road

Redmond has followed along with Westminster’s efforts to get the gig for city residents. He first learned of gigabit fiber Internet coming to town in a pretty low-tech way. “We got our water bill and there was an enclosure. It described that fiber optic Internet was coming to Westminster” and introduced Ting Internet as the service provider for Westminster.

It was welcome news; Redmond has been following fiber since his college days when Verizon started to push FiOS in Baltimore. When it became clear that big providers aren’t willing to go anywhere but a major metro, he became despondent. OK, despondent might be a slight overstatement. “I was bummed,” is what he actually said.

The end of the beginning

The process of fiberizing (it’s a word now) Westminster started a year and a half ago.

“The city hired a contractor that specializes in running cables. That (horizontal boring and fiber laying) process happened in the winter and continued on through the spring,” he said.

“In the summertime—June and July—they took the cable and ran it up to the front of the house” for anyone that signed an access agreement.

“Today, they came and they actually brought (fiber) into the house.” The first house in Westminster to get it.

It’s a journey of 1,000 miles. It started with a few forward-thinking leaders in a small city that might otherwise have been passed over. The end of the beginning came at the Redmond’s brand new access point, sending out gigabit wired and wireless access all over the house.

With that, Ting crazy fast fiber Internet is real in Westminster. You can run your Westminster address to see if we’ve made it to your neighborhood yet. If not, we’re coming. Fear not. Make sure you sign and return the appropriate City forms (Residential access agreement | Business access agreement) and we’ll get to you as soon as we can. We’ll communicate along the way here, on the Ting blog, as well as on @TingWestminster on Twitter and on the Ting Westminster Facebook page.

Getting back to Tim Redmond and his plans for the gig, we asked what he was going to do once he clocked out for the day; More video streaming, maybe a speed test or two, he said. Then, “I’m going to search for ‘what’s the biggest thing I can download’ and try that.”

Well, Tim, you’ll be wanting the 260 TB (that’s 260,000 gigabytes) of data that’s apparently available to the public in the 1000 Genomes project. You might want to clear some disk space before you hit download… and even with gigabit fiber Internet access, that’s going to take some time.

Are you in Westminster and are ready for crazy fast fiber Internet? Run your address to check if we’re ready for you. If not, we’re coming. Please stay tuned.