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A Ting internship with McDaniel College

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Ting Westminster internship

Practical, hands-on career experiences can make all the difference for students when it comes to building a set of hard skills to support their post-grad endeavors.

Ting Internet was excited to host Michael N. for a writing internship in Westminster, MD. Michael was a student in Josh Ambrose’s class at McDaniel College, Writing for Main Street.

Ting Westminster internshipMichael had the chance to write for the Ting Westminster blog for the fall semester from September to December 2017. He covered local events as well as customer features, and assembled his work into fun blog posts to be distributed on social media.

Ting was involved in several initiatives and Michael got to cover our involvement at Fallfest and the Oyster Stroll. His customer profiles featured Ting Internet customers and detailed the practical uses of fiber internet in day-to-day life.

We’re proud to host interns like Michael and had a fantastic time working with him to produce some great online content.

Ting Westminster internship

Meet Michael

Michael is double-majoring in Accounting Economics and Business Administration at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. He got partnered with the Ting Internet team in Westminster for his internship.

“Before I started the internship, I was attracted to Ting because of the people who work here. My family has been a customer of Ting Mobile since 2013 and every interaction we have had with the company has been a very positive experience.”

Communication strategies for a digital age are important for any student to understand, at any stage of learning. Most of today’s grads will have to wear many different hats in their first roles out of school. If they have entrepreneurial aspirations, the ability to take on and master many aspects of business will only serve them more.

Writing concise, captivating brand stories helps expose students to social marketing and the world of digital content. Most students participate in the world of social media every day, and this has helped equipped them with useful knowledge and skills that can often feel second nature.

“I did not have any prior experience in blog or online writing. I also did not have any experience in blog photography, though photography is a hobby of mine.”

Michael came in with a great set of base skills and, most of all, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to experiment and try new things. His interest in photography served him well and helped him tell visual stories alongside his writing. The photos of McDaniel College included in this post were all contributed by Michael.

Ting Westminster internship

Writing for Main Street

Michael covered a range of stories for the Ting Westminster blog, like the Fallfest recap, the winners of the Ting Makerspace Oyster Dish Design Challenge, a customer feature of the Franzese family and a custom profile of Jason Dixon.

Michael’s main takeaways from his internship were about the importance of creating compelling content as well as developing brand consistency.

“In writing for the web, I learned about the importance of being clear, concise and accurate in the message I am trying to send. I learned that when people are reading a blog post, they want to stay entertained through the piece, and don’t want to read something that is unnecessarily long. In Writing for Main Street, I learned about the importance of having a brand identity for a business, and writing to consistently support that brand.”

Michael’s stories covered community events and the real-world implications of fiber in homes in Carroll County. He did a fantastic job distilling information and telling compelling stories about his subjects.

What’s next for Michael?

Michael has exciting ambitions for his future.

“Before my internship, I saw myself obtaining my CPA license and working for a public accounting firm. While the internship has not necessarily changed my vision of my future, it has reinforced the importance of good writing and communication skills from a company level.”