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Westminster network updates and open houses

It’s happening!

City Council President of Westminster, Dr. Wack, shared a major update on the status of the Westminster Fiber Network. In a recent video interview (below), he explained that the city is now finishing up the bidding process and awarding a contract for the next phase of construction. The next phase, which begins later this summer, will begin the process of bringing high-speed fiber Internet to about 2,700 new residential premises!

Open house party

Interested in learning more about the Westminster Fiber Network or Ting Internet in general? Mark the date and plan on visiting later this month for our first open house of the summer. If you can’t join us this month, stop in and see us at the next open house in July. Find us in the Winchester Exchange Building downtown. There will be light refreshments, an opportunity to ask questions and you can fill out that access agreement you keep hearing about while you’re here.


Speaking of that access agreement, if you want a fiber drop to your home, or if you think you may want one someday in the future, you will need to sign this important document. Dr. Wack, took a moment to expand a bit more on why it’s so important, and why you may want to sign it sooner than later in this video.

In short, it gives the City of Westminster permission to install fiber to your property at no additional cost to you, and there’s no obligation to receive service from Ting.

Something else to consider if you’re a property owner: there’s a strong correlation between property values and Internet speeds. In fact, studies show that having a gigabit fiber connection may increase a home’s value by up to 3.1 percent!

Sign the access agreement