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Westminster to welcome a new sign

Wakefield Valley Trail

In our Westminster updates, we talk about the Westminster Fiber Network, Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Westminster community. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest.

Hey Westminster, in our last update we announced that all of the Westminster Fiber Network was officially live and ready for service. We also talked about our latest fundraiser – where we promised to donate $50 on behalf of new customers signing up for Ting to go toward a new sign for the lovely Wakefield Valley Trail. 

We also gave away a $50 gift card to either Downtown Yoga or Run Moore for each new signup. Thanks to everyone who signed up and we hope you put those cards to good use!

Wakefield Valley Trail will get a new sign

Today we are updating you on the success of the aforementioned fundraiser! As you probably heard, we spent this summer working with the City of Westminster, Run Moore and Downtown Yoga to bring a new wayfinding sign to the Wakefield Valley Trail.

For every Ting service ordered until September 1, we donated $50 to the new sign and are excited to reveal that we were able to raise enough funds to get a sign made for this awesome community trail. The new sign will be unveiled on October 13 so keep an eye on the Facebook event.

Thank you to everyone who used this time to sign up for Ting – we did this together!

Ting around town

Ting hosted the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce’s PM Connections event and had a blast mingling with local business contemporaries. Thanks to Brewery Fire, Mollie’s Cafe and Raptor Productions for providing amazing drinks, food and music for the event!

Ting also attended the 2019 Carroll Biz Challenge with our very own Trish McLean, Director of Marketing at Ting, serving as one of the esteemed judges on the panel.

“I was so impressed to see the number of entrepreneurs whose vision was supported by and even directed at tech solutions,” says Trish. “I suspect the benefits of Westminster’s Fiber Network are beginning to be felt in the community.” 

Ting is honored to be part of an event that inspires and encourages local entrepreneurs to pitch their new business ideas, make connections with industry leaders and compete for a variety of cash prizes. We are very proud of this year’s winner, KnowMe – Congratulations, we wish you success on this journey! 

Wakefield Valley Trail

Upcoming workshops and classes at the Ting Makerspace

We’ve got workshops, classes, tutorials and activities coming up for Ting Makerspace: Westminster. If you’re looking for something new to try, check out our programming calendar and discover a new skill!

Try out Ting Internet at our Friends of Ting

Did you know that the JeannieBird Baking Company has free Ting Wi-Fi? The connection there is backed by Ting fiber Internet so you can enjoy crazy fast fiber Internet while devouring delectable pastries and sipping on delicious, freshly-brewed coffee. Valerie Giovagnoni, our city manager, likes to order the iced tea.  “Make sure you ask for an ‘iced tea – slightly complicated’ when you order,” she says. “You won’t regret it!”

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