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The full guide to fiber Internet – download the What is fiber Internet? ebook today

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet? Download our ebook

Fiber Internet is totally different from the Internet most of us are used to. From slow and sluggish connections to bloated bandwidth, we’ve all experienced bad Internet, but what about great Internet?

We cover all the exciting stuff of fiber in our latest ebook, What is fiber Internet?

Download a copy today and learn more about the fastest Internet available today.

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The problem with copper

Fiber optic networks are infrastructure designed and built specifically for the Internet. They leave copper networks in the dust. Most of us are probably used to connecting to the Internet via copper. Copper networks were built for telephones and later TV, not the Internet.

To say we’re a little ways past dial-up and landlines would be an understatement. Just because copper networks exist, doesn’t mean they’re the right infrastructure for the job.

Fiber for the future

What is fiber InternetTrue gigabit fiber Internet (the kind Ting offers) gets you speeds up to 1,000 Mbps both up and down. That’s a lot of speed by today’s standards, so why would we need it?

For the future. Fiber recognizes our evolving use of the Internet today and builds in the room for us to use the Internet in new and exciting ways tomorrow. Where we’ve outgrown the capacity of copper networks, fiber networks leave more than enough room for us to evolve.

Fiber can be transformative for communities. It drives business and brings new industry. It supports the needs of hospitals and schools and helps small businesses keep up on a global scale.

Get excited, learn more – download the What is fiber? ebook

It’s all in the What is fiber? ebook. Download a copy today and discover what fiber can do for your home, business and community.

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