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Introducing Android Device Manager, the easiest way to track your phone

Google recently released a remote tracking program for its Android users, and it’s a convenient feature that we’re excited to tell you about!

The new Android Device Manager has been automatically added to every Android device running 2.2 and higher (98.7% of Android users). This program is used remotely by going to Android Device Manager serves three main purposes:

  1. It lets you locate your device on a Google Map in a browser.
  2. It lets you ring your device at maximum volume for five minutes.
  3. If your device is gone, it lets you at least erase your personal information with a factory reset. Note that the option to factory reset your device must be activated ahead of time… before you need it.

*Keep in mind that your phone must be on and connected to a network for these features to work.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 6.42.47 PM

To activate the “Erase Device” feature, open the green Google Settings app on your device. Choose Android Device Manager and enable “Allow remote factory reset.” Note that you won’t find Android Device Manager in your regular settings menu. Look for the green Google settings icon in your Android app tray.

What’s interesting about this particular feature addition is that it came without a full Android OS update. This indicates that Google can push bug fixes and new features behind the scenes.

While you’ve been able to download third party tracking apps for years, nothing beats a native app that serves this function. Too often, users don’t take the necessary precautions and only realize once it’s too late. Apparently, Google has stepped in to save us from ourselves!