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It’s Black Friday. You know what that means…

Looking for the 2017 Black Friday sale? Check out the Ting shop.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Ting, or looking to get a friend or family member on board, there’s truly never been a better time. We’ll save the long winded intros. Here’s what we have in store for Black Friday. Everything is “while supplies last.” We’ve stocked up in preparation but we don’t expect we’ll have leftovers, so if something catches your eye, it’s a good idea to act fast.

From now until 11:59 PM on Monday, Nov 30, we’ve got some crazy deals on a wide variety of phones in the Ting shop, including the Moto E 2nd Gen and Nexus 5, along with $5 GSM SIMs and a $50 BYOD credit for new customers bringing a phone to Ting.

For Black Friday, we’re offering free standard shipping on everything in the Ting shop: SIM cards, phones, hotspots. Everything ships free.

“Hey, does that include…” Let us just stop you right there. Everything. All the things. Think of a thing that’s in the shop. That thing is included.

Buy a phone

Looking to purchase a new or used phone from the Ting shop? Here’s what’s on sale:

Bonus offer:

  • Get a $15 New Year activation credit when you buy a phone on sale.

Bring a phone

Looking to bring a phone to Ting? Here’s how we can help:

$50 Ting BYOD credit offer is available for new customers only. GSM SIM card must be purchased by 11:59 PM on Monday, Nov 30. Phone must be activated by Dec 7, 2015. Service credit will be added to your account before your first Ting bill arrives.


Buy a phone

Receive $15 in Ting credit as a nice little New Year bonus when you activate a device that’s on sale for Black Friday.

This offer is open to both current customers and new accounts. Phone must be active on Monday, Jan 4, 2016. Account credit will be applied on Jan 6, 2016.

Entry level

LG 450 $58 $45 [GSM]

If it’s simplicity you seek, you’ll find a friend in the LG 450.

Alcatel OneTouch Fling $63 $49 [CDMA]

HTC Desire 510 $88 $69 [CDMA]

Higher end

Moto E LTE 2nd Gen $119 $79 [CDMA]

The Moto E strikes the best balance of price and performance we’ve yet seen. It comes in at the budget level but doesn’t feel like a budget smartphone.

iPhone 5s (refurbished) $353 $279 [GSM and CDMA]

Samsung Galaxy S5 $375 $269 [CDMA]

Nexus 5 (refurbished) $215 $179 [CDMA]

If you’re looking to spend under 200 dollars on a quality smartphone that’ll last, there is no better option than Google’s Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 $648 $559 [CDMA]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $636 $559 [CDMA]

This sale runs until 11:59pm ET on Monday, November 30. While we’ve stocked up in preparation for Black Friday, Ting shop phones are a “while supplies last” thing. 

Phones are not eligible for Ting’s 30 day price drop guarantee (as this is a Black Friday sale and not a permanent reduction).