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Write a letter to Ting this holiday season for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note9

It’s probably been a while since you wrote a letter to Santa, but this holiday season, why not pen your own Mad Libs style Letter to Ting? We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Note9 to one lucky letter writer.

From December 11 to 21 we’re hosting the Letters to Ting contest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve posted a Letter to Ting with some blanks for you to fill out. All you have to do is fill in the blanks by responding to our post or by posting the letter with your answers (see below for entry details).

When you fill in the letter, you’ll be entered to win a Samsung Galaxy Note9. We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, December 21 at noon.

Have you been really good this year? We want to hear from you!

There are two ways to enter

1 . The easy way

Reply to our post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and just fill in the blanks.

2. The “I’ve gone above and beyond and really want that phone” way

You can mock up images on iOS or Android to create your own, one of a kind letter to Ting. Save the letter we post and fill in the blanks yourselves.

Post your unique letter to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just be sure to tag Ting so we can see your submission.

Download blank letter

You can print the image off, write on it, then snap a photo of your finished letter. Or, you can also use your smartphone to mockup the letter as Jess has done here.

First, you’ll have to save the letter we’ve posted. Once you have, In iOS, open the image, tap Edit at the top right, then tap the elipses (…) at the bottom right. Then tap Markup and get to work writing. For Android, you can download an app to mock up an image you’ve saved to your phone. We recommend Screen Master.

The Ting team’s favorite letter will take home a Samsung Galaxy Note9 just in time for the holidays.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs

How can I win?

We’re looking for creative, fun answers that make us laugh and tell a story. Oh, and let’s keep it PG. This is the holidays, after all.

Can I submit a bunch of times?

Submit as many times as you want, but keep in mind, each submission must be original. That means your first submission will count but duplicates won’t be considered.

When does the contest close?

You have until December 20 at midnight to submit.

When will the winner be announced?

We’ll announce the winner on Friday, December 21 at noon. We’ll post the winning submission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and contact the winner of the Note9.

The Letters to Ting contest is open to residents of the United States only. Contest entrance is made by responding to a social post or posting and tagging Ting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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