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Ting turns five

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us. Etc.

Today, Ting is five years old. From our first public “hello world” blog post to today, it’s been quite a ride. Before we get too retrospective though, here’s the thing that probably hooked you to come here: The giveaways!

Five days of giveaways!

We’re giving away five Moto G4 Plus’, Ting credit and swag starting now and running until next Friday, Feb 10. It’s all happening on the Ting Facebook page. Simply comment on our daily Facebook question to be entered to win!

The third day of promotions is live – click here to enter.

Each day of the promotion, we’ll select the ten daily winners and each commenter will be entered to win a Moto G4 Plus, one of five we’re giving away. The five Moto G4 Plus winners will be announced during our Facebook live stream celebration on Friday, Feb 10 at 2:00 PM ET.

Follow us on Facebook if you haven’t already and get involved for a chance to win. Daily details of the promotion are listed below:

Wednesday, Feb 1 until Monday, Feb 6: Tell us why you switched to Ting.
Prizes: 10 winners of $25 in Ting account credit + a chance to win a Moto G4 Plus

Tuesday, Feb 7: Tell us how you first learned about Ting.
Prizes: 10 winners of a Ting popsocket + a chance to win a Moto G4 Plus

Wednesday, Feb 8: Tell us how long you’ve been with Ting.
Prizes: 10 winners of a Ting t-shirt + a chance to win a Moto G4 Plus

Thursday, Feb 9: Tell us your favorite thing about Ting.
Prizes: 10 winners of $25 in Ting account credit + a chance to win a Moto G4 Plus

Friday, Feb 10: Join our live stream as we announce the winners of our five brand new Moto G4s, picked from the comments in each daily question!

Ting Internet support with Paul

Meet Paul, Ting Internet Customer Advisor at our St. Catharines office.

It’s not just our customers who are excited about gigabit fiber Internet – Paul shares the same enthusiasm. With two towns up and running (and two more on the way), Paul spends his days chatting with Ting Internet customers and enjoys helping them out however he can.

Hello, St. Catharines

As Ting has grown, so has our need for space.

About a year ago, we opened a brand new office specifically for Ting customer support. About an hour and a half away from Tucows’ main location, St. Catharines is a hotbed for tech talent and the perfect place to find eager, smart and friendly Customer Advisors.

Offering a relaxed, modern environment, Ting’s new space has everything our agents need to put their best foot forward. A state-of-the-art kitchen and video game lounge are just a couple of the perks of working from the St. Catharines office (let Nicole and Deb tell you more in our latest Customer Advisor spotlights).

Find out why we chose St. Catharines for our new support space and get a glimpse of the office in our video below. You’ll hear from Marco Marino, Economic Development Officer for the City of St. Catharines, along with Ross Rader, Ting VP of Customer Experience.

Behind the scenes: Managing phone orders with Nicole

If you’ve ever ordered a phone from Ting, chances are Nicole’s taken a look.

Nicole, known as “Nickle” here at Ting, is our Order Specialist, helping manage the day to day ordering of smartphones in the Ting shop, while monitoring fraud, replacements and more.

Like last week’s behind the scenes, we took a trip to our brand new office in St. Catharines, Ontario and chatted with Nickle about her role here at Ting, why she enjoys working here and a memorable customer experience.

Behind the Scenes: Getting social with Deb

Meet Deb, a Customer Support Advisor working from our brand new Ting office in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Outside of chatting with customers and helping them any way she can, Deb leads the social committee. From soup days to group outings and much more, her team is always cooking up great ideas to help create a fun and relaxing work environment for everyone at Ting.

Hear more about Deb’s role as head of the social committee and take a sneak peek at our snazzy new office in behind the scenes below.

How was your most recent experience with Ting customer support? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Ask an Exec: How are you balancing Ting Internet expansion and the customer experience?

Devon D. wonders how Ting’s expansion into fiber Internet will affect the quality of its customer service.

Adam Eisner, Director of Ting Networks and our latest Ask an Exec celeb, explains how we’re managing staffing levels to ensure all of our customers, whether mobile or Internet, will have the same great Ting experience.