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Introducing Ting Sans™

Ting Sans

Last month, Netflix unveiled a custom-made typeface for their platform. Immediately, everyone at Ting HQ wondered if we should have our own font. After all, we’re font-worthy, aren’t we?

My monochrome life

monochrome gaming

I spent a week with black, white and gray where there was once color. I switched my phone to monochrome mode to take the power back from the colorful little dopamine machine that is my constant companion. It was hard.

Wireless competition in Canada?!

Canadians shoulder among the highest cost for mobile phone service in the developed world.

The Canadian mobile service market has been divvied up between the “big three” wireless companies; Rogers, Bell and Telus. Collectively and colloquially known as Robelus. Yes here in Canada, our oligopolies are so entrenched that they have cute, short-hand names. “Value” wireless brands like Chatr, Public, Koodo—all owned by the big three— only serve to create the illusion of choice.

Back in 2014, the CRTC, Canada’s regulatory body for all things telecommunications, opted not to force the incumbents into offering service to “mobile virtual network operators” (MVNOs). It deemed that the quasi-competition seen in the Canadian mobile market, wholly dominated by three major carriers, was sufficient. It pointed to a far distant fourth carrier, then Wind Mobile now Freedom Mobile, as a panacea for what ails Canadian mobile customers.

In short, it’s not a terribly vibrant competitive landscape.

We’ve spoken often and at length about how much we’d like to offer service in Canada. Canada is home not just to our headquarters but also to the majority of our workforce. The anti-competitive mobile market has never offered an opening.

What’s in my bag? Brad Coates edition

I’m Brad, a product manager on the Ting team.

I’m pretty into this whole ‘minimal’ thing. My phone home screen (Nexus 5x) is a study in serenity. The contents of my bag may not seem super minimal but if you take minimal to mean carrying just the things you need and use and that bring value to your life, I’m covered. Still, my bag clearly doesn’t adhere to the standard as set by /r/minimalism on reddit which, as best I can tell, is defined as a picture of a single tree or a flat terrain on a cloudy day.

That intro wasn’t very minimal. Onward!

1. Kaban Transit Backpack

I researched the heck out of backpacks before deciding on this one from The North Face. I commute everyday which involves a bike ride, a train ride, and walk to work. I wanted something comfortable, waterproof, and of course, minimal. It has a layflat zipper in the backpack which is great for keeping your laptop from moving around, it also has a bigger storage area, a front pocket for smaller items, and a smaller pocket on top which can only be opened when the bag is off your back (good for things like wallets, cash, keys, etc…).

Get to the Choppa!

The Ting Video Team is always looking for interesting ways to showcase Ting Internet towns. Last time, they rented a hot air balloon. This time, while shooting a commercial in Centennial, Colorado, they enjoyed the experience of flying over the mountains in a chopper. For some of the team, the helicopter ride was an experience that can now be crossed off the ol’ bucket list.

Check out the breathtaking scenery they endured below-freezing temps to capture on film!

What’s in my bag: AMC edition

Items from Andrew's bike pannier laid out on a table. Items include a MacBook Pro, notebooks, a Nexus 6P phone, bike tools, a penknife and so on.

Hi. I’m Andrew. I’m the content director here at Ting.

We’re shamelessly ripping off an idea we’ve seen elsewhere: What’s in my bag. I’ve always liked the idea. I feel like it satisfies our voyeuristic tendencies, it gives a sense of how other people go about their days. We might even learn something we didn’t know before. It feels a bit life hack-y.

Confession: My bag usually holds a lot more junk. I cleaned up for this photo. Best foot forward and all that.

Not pictured: A change of clothes. I bike to work most days and while my cycling gear is comfortable, it’s not exactly office attire.

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