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Ask an Exec: Who’s the GSM network provider and when’s the beta over?

Today’s question comes from blaziecat1103 on reddit, who asks:

Michael Goldstein gives some insight into the steps that had to be in place before we could exit beta and explains why we can’t officially name our GSM service partner.

The Ting self-serve help site gets a makeover

Recently we let you know that changes were afoot for our help site and those changes are rolling right along. The first step was reorganizing the content in a way that made more sense as well as removing content that was no longer relevant. Now we’re on step two: The makeover and the move.

What’s different?

Well, first, the help site looks a lot more like it’s a part of Ting (which seemed like a good idea, given that it is). Until now being on didn’t feel like you were in a Ting space and we wanted to change that to make the experience more, dare we say, holistic.

Before we undertook the reorganization, we took the time to better understand how people approach help. We used some of what we learned to do some top-level navigation that will help people find the help documentation they seek without too much messing around. You’ll also notice we’ve worked to make each help page not just easier on the eyes but also easier to navigate.

Ask an Exec: What is Ting doing to fix FED?

Today’s question comes from ochaos on reddit, who asks how things are going with regards to the recent changes in Sprint’s financial eligibility date checker:

Michael Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Ting, breaks down the FED fallout, how Ting responded and where we are today.

An update from the frontlines.

We haven’t been ourselves lately. There’s still a bit of a road ahead but right now, things are at least starting to get back to normal.

Sprint’s financial eligibility date (FED) check put a serious crimp in the bring your own device to Ting program and pushed a lot of people to call us to find out what was going on. We pushed the Ting on a GSM network beta release up a little in order to offer some different options. The end result was us breaking our promise of no hold customer service.

Marketing went into stealth mode while we sorted things out. We stopped most of the things we do to try to get new customers and instead jumped into the ticket and email queue to lend a hand there.

The ship has been righted and it’s just about anchors aweigh. In keeping with the nautical theme, it will soon be steady as she goes.

Ask an Exec: When is Ting going to get more exposure?

Today’s question comes from Alyssa, who wonders if Ting is working on more advertisements to spread the word far and wide.

While we tried a few large-scale ad campaigns last year, we’re constantly testing new approaches and pursuing those that look promising.

Scroll down to hear from Ting CEO Elliot Noss about more of our upcoming plans.

Ask an Exec: What’s your favorite style of beer?

Nick on Facebook asks Ting CEO Elliot Noss what his favorite type of beer is. Seems there was a slight miscommunication…

Oh well. Scroll down and check out his response!