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Ask an Exec: How does Ting measure its support center efficiency?

Today’s Ask an Exec question comes from Jake V on Google+, who asks how and what metrics we use to evaluate the efficiency of our support center.

Ross Rader, VP of Customer Experience at Ting, discusses exactly how we use data to ensure we meet our goal of no hold, no transfer phone support and email support response times measured in hours as opposed to days.

Check out the video below to learn more!


Behind the Scenes: Talking dev with Evgueni

In today’s episode, we chat with someone who’s truly “behind the scenes” here at Ting.

Evgueni (predominantly known as “EP” in the office) is the Director of Mobile Engineering and the brains behind our entire backend system. From billing, usage tracking, promo codes and much more, EP has coded many of the services and tools that are essential to Ting’s success.

Learn more about Evgueni and his unique role at Ting in our video below. We’re pretty certain you’ll come to love him just as much as we do.

Ask an Exec: How does Ting plan on keeping its “no hold” policy?

Welcome to another episode of Ask an Exec!

As Ting continues to grow, you may have wondered how we plan to keep offering our awesome no-hold customer support. Ross Rader, VP of Customer Experience at Ting, describes the types of calls we receive on a regular basis and explains the steps we take to make sure there’s always a friendly Ting advisor ready to take your call!

Thanks to Cam M from Google+ for asking today’s question.


Ask an Exec: Customer support – How do you do it?

In today’s Ask an Exec, James M from Facebook wonders how we’re able to provide top-notch support to all of our customers, each and every day.

Ross Rader, the man behind the plan and VP of Customer Experience at Ting, explains our motivation behind providing great service and the processes in place to ensure we don’t get overwhelmed.

Watch our video below to learn more!


Behind the Scenes: Product management with Justen

In today’s Behind the Scenes we talk to Justen, the resident smartphone-addict here at Ting.

Justen regularly works with our marketing, development and support teams to improve our services and provide the best possible experience for customers. From road trips to app launches, Justen’s dedication has played a major role in Ting’s recent success.

Justen talks devices, his role, and just how different Ting is from other providers in the US. Learn more about Justen in our video below!

Ask an Exec: Why the one year restriction on BYOD?

Welcome to a new episode of Ask an Exec!

While we’re able to offer many devices at or at very nearly the same time as the major carriers, these devices are sometimes blocked from being brought to Ting in the BYOD program for up to a year. Today’s Ask an Exec question comes to us from Steven H on Facebook, who wonders why this restriction is in place.

Ross Rader, VP of Customer Experience at Ting, gives a bit of insight into why exactly devices are subject to this seemingly arbitrary moratorium.