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Limit background data usage with Data Saver

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Data Saver in Android Nougat

Lowering your monthly data usage gets easier and easier.

Android’s latest operating system, 7.0 Nougat, includes a new Data saver toggle that sits inside the Android Settings menu.

Data saver is a brand new feature that, when you’re connected to mobile data, limits background processes so apps can only use a small amount of cellular data when the app isn’t explicitly opened. This means you’ll still get email updates, Facebook messages and other data-related notifications when Data saver is enabled, you’ll just see them less frequently than before. Once you’re back on a Wi-Fi connection, things resume to normal. You’ll receive all your notifications and updates the second they happen.

Say goodbye to apps that use 200 MB of mobile data in the background without your knowledge. Say hello to a lower phone bill if you’re with a pay for what you use provider like Ting.

How to turn on Data Saver in Android Nougat

Open the Data Saver in Android NougatAndroid Settings app and tap Data usage. Tap on Data saver and turn the slider On.

Data Saver in Android Nougat

Once enabled, you’ll see the Data saver icon in the top right of your notification bar (shown in the GIF below).

Whitelist specific apps

Data saver also gives you the option to allow specific apps and services through your Data saver restrictions. This can be useful if, for example, you’re waiting on an important email or WhatsApp call.

Data Saver in Android Nougat - How to whitelist specific apps


By default, only Carrier Services and Google Play services are whitelisted. These apps are essential in keeping your device running smoothly (and typically don’t use much data), so be wary of disabling these. However, if you’re intrigued on how much background data each of these two apps are using, that’s easy to do as well.

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