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Long distance calling on your cell phone with Ting

long distance calling

Does Ting do long distance calling?

That’s a question we get a lot. The answer is yes, yes we do.

Ting minutes are nationwide with no long distance fees in the US. Our international long distance rates have always been quite reasonable too.

To call abroad, just allow international long distance calls on your account. This feature is controlled per phone.

Global texts have always been free of surcharge on Ting because we don’t believe in charging people for things that don’t cost us anything.

International long distance calling, no cards required

If you’ve got family in Mexico you can call or text whenever you want. No calling cards or PIN codes required. If you want to call your sister in Canada while you’re on your way home from work, you can on your Ting phone. Whether you have family abroad or friends traveling, Ting makes it easy to stay connected.

long distance calling

Already on Ting? Go ahead and make that call

All you have to do is enable international calling in your dashboard.

Check out our international rates here.

New to Ting?

You can call long distance on Ting. Just sign up here to get a free SIM card, a $25 service credit.

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