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Eligible LTE devices can now come to Ting

If you’ve been waiting for LTE support in the bring your device to Ting program you need wait no longer.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’ve already clicked through to the bring your device to Ting page and therefore don’t care about anything I have left to say. Just in case though:

One of the most requested features our customers (or would-be customers) have asked us for is to make LTE devices eligible to make the move to Ting under the bring your device to Ting program.

Since before we even launched the bring your own eligible device program (first MVNO to do so… just saying) we’ve been working hard to have the LTE limitation lifted. Now, that limitation is a thing of the past.

If you’ve got an off-contract device waiting to make the move to Ting you need wait no longer. Along with this little LTE win, we’ve also worked on the back-end provisioning system such that bringing a 4G WiMAX device over is now instant, just as it is for 3G and now LTE devices.

What’s more, we’ve also added the option to port a number while also turning your device into a Ting device. Porting a number can take four to six hours.

Supported LTE devices

We have official support for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Victory and the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE devices at launch. You may notice a pattern developing.

We’ll be adding official support for other manufacturer’s LTE devices as soon as possible. In the interim though, it’s not that other LTE devices can’t make the move, it’s that we can’t offer support for those devices making the move. Basically, if you’re comfortable with a more DIY approach in moving your LTE device to Ting then have at it. If not, you’d be advised to let us do all the testing first.