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Five ways to make cash with a side hustle

side hustle

That side hustle cash

Practically everyone has a project that they like to work on during their off hours. Maybe you’ve been thinking about putting your talents to work so you can make some extra cash instead of doing it for free. These five ideas will get you started with your side hustle.

Use Fiverr to earn money

side hustle

Fiverr focuses on helping freelancers find jobs that let them use their best talents. Some of the most popular job categories on Fiverr include Writing, Graphics and design, Video and animation, Computer programming, and Music.

Once you join Fiverr, you can accept jobs related to your areas of expertise. You can also create a job profile that lists your skills and pay rates. You can set a rate anywhere between $5 and $995. Typically, professionals with more experience can charge higher prices. If you’re just getting started, then you can use low prices to attract new clients.

Let TaskRabbit help you find a quick gig

side hustle

TaskRabbit takes a similar approach to finding jobs as Fiverr. With TaskRabbit, though, you don’t need a specific skill. Instead, you can make money performing basic tasks like delivering packages, cleaning apartments and helping households move.

When someone posts a job near you, TaskRabbit sends you a notification so you can accept or deny it. The notifications include a description of the jobs and how much they pay. You only accept the jobs you want to do, so there isn’t a chance that you will get stuck with a low-paying task you hate.

Get jobs with Thumbtack

side hustle

Thumbtack is a job marketplace that organizes opportunities into six categories: Home, Events, Lessons, Wellness, Business and Pets.

You can sign up for free to see what jobs people need finishing near you. If you want to perform one of the jobs, you pay Thumbtack a small amount of money so you can send the client a price quote and personal message. If the client accepts your pitch, then you get the job.

Depending on your skills, you can use Thumbtack to make money doing anything from training dogs to installing windows.

There’s a slight learning curve to building a profile and attracting clients, but Thumbtack has some tutorials that help you get started.

Rent your home on AirBnb

side hustle

You usually think of your apartment or house as something that you have to pay for. With Airbnb, your home can finally start to pay you back.

Use Airbnb to advertise the cutest photos of your place so more people will want to stay there. You can also boost your revenue by getting excellent reviews from people who stay in your home. Try giving them freebies like snacks and directions to nearby attractions to get the best reviews.

If you want to turn your home into an impressive side hustle, invest some of your Airbnb money into remodeling the property. The nicer your house is, the more money people will spend to stay there.

Sell your stuff online

side hustle

Do you have an attic, basement or closet full of things that you don’t need? You can earn extra money by selling them through online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace.

Since you want to get paid as much as possible, don’t just post a list of the items you have to sell. Make your listings more successful by including pictures and detailed descriptions. You can also research similar products to see how much buyers spend on them.

Who couldn’t use some extra money to make ends meet or start saving more? Once you pick up a side hustle that pays, you could see changes in your household budget within weeks.