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Choosing the best website domain name for your small business


Hover is one of Ting’s sister companies under Tucows Inc. They offer domain names, custom email and simple integrations with other online services such as Squarespace, Format, and Big Cartel.

best website domain name

Tips on finding the best website domain name

If you’re a small business owner you may choose to build your business online. This has a lot of benefits, from reaching customers at a distance and in different time zones to building credibility within a certain online community. Whatever the reason, once you decide to build your brand online there’s a major factor to consider – your domain name.

Our sister company, Hover has a few tips that you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect domain name for your small business.

Five ways to make cash with a side hustle

side hustle

That side hustle cash

Practically everyone has a project that they like to work on during their off hours. Maybe you’ve been thinking about putting your talents to work so you can make some extra cash instead of doing it for free. These five ideas will get you started with your side hustle.

Five productivity lifehacks to read about while procrastinating


Lifehacks to increase productivity


It can be hard to buckle down and focus, whether it’s on studying or some other task. You’re not alone in that. It’s hard for everybody. The people that have really figured out how to focus on the task at hand and avoid distraction are the ones that have taken a mindful approach to self-discipline. They segment their time into chunks of productivity. They don’t quickly flip over to Facebook or email for a quick microbreak. The breaks they take are to do something like take a walk or maybe run an errand. Nothing as stimulating as social media or video games.

A little ironic aside: I just did a quick web search for “deep work.” I read a couple of articles, learned about the “Neo 2” distraction-free word processor in the comments, decided to check it out on Amazon. Checked Ebay to see if I could get a better price. Started doing calculations of purchase price + shipping cost before finally deciding to sit on it for a while rather than make an impulse purchase. Then I remembered how I got there, felt guilty and flipped back to this text document.

Eliminating distractions is hard. Sometimes we can unplug and go for a walk or take a notebook to the library to do some “deep work” but often, we have to make do with the environment we’re in and the tools we have at hand.

That’s where productivity and time management lifehacks come in.

Save on your textbooks this year with digital eBooks and old-school options


Save with digital textbooks, eBooks and old-school paper

It’s no secret that textbooks can be a huge financial burden on students. Being smart about how you purchase or rent books can bring the cost down in a big way. We’re going to talk about some ways to save on textbooks by going digital or being savvy when buying real books.

Keep in mind, the digital textbook market is far from all-encompassing and is certainly more attuned to the needs of students studying Dickens and Shakespeare than those hunting down the 9th edition of some obscure quantum physics textbook. We’re going to scale out some of the players in the digital textbook market and see how Amazon, Google and Apple stack up.

If you love paper or have little success finding digital copies of your books, don’t worry. We’ve included some old-school, tried and true tips as well as a few affordable online retail aggregators of second-hand books and textbooks for rent.

Five podcasts for students

podcasts for students

Even the best classes can leave gaps in your knowledge. Luckily, you don’t have to read all day to keep up with your peers. You can learn a lot about science, history, grammar and other topics by listening to podcasts. Start with these five titles to get useful information that will help you in school and life.

Setting alerts and caps on Ting

alerts and capsAt Ting, we actively encourage you to pay us as little as possible. We try to give you the flexibility to control how many minutes, texts and megabytes you use. We regularly blog about how to make free phone calls, and we have a whole blog category called data saving. But for some Ting customers, that’s not enough. Having a firm grasp on your cell phone bill requires a lot of micromanaging your Ting dashboard and the Ting app to monitor usage.

Well, not exactly. With the alerts and caps feature on your Ting dashboard, it’s actually really easy to let us do all the hard work for you. Inside your Ting dashboard and in the Ting app, you can set usage alerts and caps for any level and any service. If you set a cap to notify you via the Ting app, you can re-enable it right from the app. No need to call us to log in to your desktop!