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App of the Week Live: Mint

Mint is our pick for today’s App of the Week!

Mint offers an organized look into all of your financial accounts and includes attractive graphs to visualize your monthly spending. If you’re a fan of the Ting account dashboard, you’re going to love Mint’s layout, which includes charts and graphs for a simple viewing experience. Syncing on web, mobile and tablet, Mint ensures you always have access to your transaction history. With bill alerts and extensive budgeting options, managing your money has never been this easy.

Learn more about Mint by watching our video below!




Download Mint on the Google Play Store

Download Mint on the App Store

Download Mint on the Windows Phone Apps+Games Store

The Ting app arrives on iPhone!

Sally Field: You Like Me!“I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect […] and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

For those of you who were still in diapers (or not yet even a zygote) in 1984, that was Sally Field in her Academy Award acceptance speech for Places in the Heart. It pretty well sums up how we’ve felt over the past few days as a bunch of you have downloaded our snazzy new Ting app for iOS and shared awesome feedback.

Ting app for iOSChad, our mobile app guru (and generally awesome guy), is already hard at work in Michigan with your ideas, suggestions, and unintended feature discoveries… On the App Store, we are currently at version 0.9, with 0.9.1 likely going live later this week with a few small repairs. (Thank you, Shawn Colvin. Can you tell I lived through the 1990s?)

But we’re not stopping there. Next up on our timeline is a total review of our mobile app usability. We’re thinking of ways to really improve how we display usage to make things more intuitive, how to improve device feature management, looking at ideas to make referrals both fun and easy through our mobile apps, and more.

So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or feature requests you’d like to see in our future mobile apps, share away in the comments here… And if you haven’t already installed our new app on your iPhone, go get it!

App of the Week Live: SwiftKey

Today’s App of the Week Live is SwiftKey Keyboard!

If you’re on the lookout for useful apps for your device, SwiftKey is a great place to start. With accurate predictions and a slew of awesome features, SwiftKey truly enhances your Android typing experience.

Learn more about SwiftKey in our YouTube video below!


SwiftKey Keyboard


Free and Paid Version

Download SwiftKey Keyboard Free (for one month)

Download SwiftKey Keyboard Paid ($4.00)

SwiftKey Keyboard is an advanced Android keyboard that turns touchscreen typing into a breeze. Shockingly accurate predictions, multiple layouts, advanced syncing and convenient features lead us to believe that SwiftKey is the best keyboard Google Play has to offer.

Find out yourself by grabbing the one month trial right now on Google Play, or go ahead and purchase the full version for 4 bucks!

App of the Week Live: BeyondPod

BeyondPod is our pick for this week’s App of the Week! If you’re a podcast junkie, this is seriously the perfect app for managing your feeds, both online and offline.

To learn more about BeyondPod’s features, check out our YouTube video below:








Free and Paid Version

Download free version (with 7 day full feature trial) from Google Play

Download full version unlock key from Google Play

BeyondPod is an excellent app that will satisfy all your podcasting and RSS needs. With an excellent search function, offline features, scheduled downloads, and much more, BeyondPod gives complete control over your podcasting experience.

You can download BeyondPod Lite for free and get access to the 7 day full feature trial! If you’re set on purchasing the full version for 7 bucks, go grab the unlock key!

App of the Week Live: BallMaze

Welcome to the second episode of Ting’s App of the Week Live! This Tuesday, we dive into an interesting puzzle game called BallMaze.

To learn more about the app and why we think it’s awesome, check out the video below!



Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 2.50.40 PM

Free and Paid Version

Download free version from Google Play

Download paid version from Google Play

BallMaze is a straightforward, fun and addicting puzzle game. While it’s easy to grasp the basics, it requires much more concentration as the levels become increasingly challenging.

The goal of the game is to land the ball on the grey and white square by navigating through the maze in the least amount of turns. Different colored blocks are scattered throughout these mazes and you can switch which color will be visible (and able to block the ball). The black boxes cannot be switched off and you cannot enable a color you’re on top of!

BallMaze Lite is available for free while the paid version is 2 bucks. It supports all Android devices 2.3 and up.


App of the Week Live: Yelp

Welcome to the first official episode of Ting’s new App of the Week Live series. Every Tuesday, we’ll pick one of our favorite apps and tell you exactly why we love it!

In this week’s episode we feature Yelp, the perfect app for urban living.

Watch the video below:





Download from Google Play

Also available for iOS and Windows Phone

Yelp is the ultimate app that connects you with reputable businesses in your area. Choose from categories like delivery, nightlife and shopping to find the specific type of services you’re looking for!

The listings can be viewed as text or on a map and can be sorted a variety of ways using Yelp’s filter feature. Once you’ve opened a businesses page you can read reviews, directions, company info, photos and more!

Yelp is available for free and supports almost all Android devices.