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App of the Week: QuizUp

Today’s App of the Week is an awesome trivia game called QuizUp!

Play against your friends or a random opponent in this popular app for Android and iPhone. Each short match includes seven multiple-choice questions and the longer you take to answer, the less points you get! Sporting a wide variety of questions, you’re sure to find a category that piques your interest. From movies and literature to science and nature, QuizUp has included something for everyone. With featured topics that correspond with holidays or web trends and new categories being added every week, QuizUp keeps you coming back for more. While available on iOS for months, it only recently hit Google Play, getting 1 million downloads in the first week!

Get all the details on QuizUp in Ting’s App of the Week below.



Download from Google Play

Download from the App Store

App of the Week: Amazon Appstore

Today’s App of the Week is an alternate mobile app store to Google Play.

The Amazon Appstore was launched over three years ago on the Android platform and continues to be a excellent competitor. With a free app of the day and useful features (like letting you “Test Drive” an app in your web browser), it’s definitely worthy of a quick download on your smartphone.

You may notice a lot of duplicate apps from Google Play, however the Appstore does include some exclusive content and in our opinion, boasts a cleaner interface.

Watch our video below for a quick tutorial on how to get it on your device as well as a tour through Amazon’s Appstore

Amazon Appstore



Download from

Head to Head: Waze vs Navfree

Welcome to the second episode of Head to Head! This week’s contenders are Waze and Navfree, two useful navigation apps. If you missed the first episode of Head to Head and aren’t exactly sure what’s going on, here’s a quick overview:

Two comparable apps face off and it’s up to you to decide who wins! To vote, click on your favorite app at the end of the video. One week later, we’ll post an entertaining results video and announce the winning app!

ting sweater1

For this episode, we’re giving away two Ting sweatshirts! To enter:

  1. Be a Ting YouTube subscriber.
  2. Pick your preferred app at the end of the “Head to Head” video below
  3. Comment on the “Thanks for voting” video telling us why it’s your favorite!

So which mapping app do you prefer, Waze or Navfree? Watch and vote on the Head to Head video below then leave your comment on the voting video for your preferred app on YouTube.

The votes are in.

Find out which navigation app came out on top!


App of the Week: Light Flow

The mobile app featured this week is Light Flow!

Light Flow gives you complete control over the LED light on your smartphone. Create unique notifications on your device by selecting an LED color, vibration pattern and more. With a simple layout and handy tools, Light Flow makes it easy to customize all the alerts you want to see.

You can pick up Light Flow Lite for free right now on Google Play. The paid version is $2.49 and includes over 600 applications and system events you can choose from. Learn more in our App of the Week below!

Light Flow


Free and paid version

Download Light Flow Lite on Google Play

Download Light Flow on Google Play ($2.49)

App of the Week: Screen Filter

Have you ever temporarily blinded yourself by checking your social media feeds “just one more time” before lights out? Ever wanted to dim your Android screen further than your device allows? Screen Filter is here to help.

An extremely simple app, Screen Filter has one job and does it very well. Use a slider or enter in a percentage to adjust the brightness level of your device. Below, you’ll see text that indicates how dark the display will be once the filter is applied. Screen Filter also includes a useful widget and a soft-key backlight dimmer.

You can pick up Screen Filter for free right now on Google Play!

Screen Filter



Download Screen Filter on Google Play

App of the Week: Zedge

Looking for free high-quality wallpapers, ringtones and notification tones for your Android device? Zedge has you covered!

Supporting user-submitted content, Zedge has over 80 million users that download, submit and share media across the app every month. With a clean user interface, effective rating system and plenty of convenient features, Zedge is the best personalization app we’ve laid our eyes (and hands) on.

Zedge is available for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.




Download Zedge on Google Play

Download Zedge on the App Store