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moto e (2020) vs Samsung Galaxy A02s

Samsung Galaxy A02 and moto e (2020) on a tabletop with some summer drinks in the lower right

Drip coffee. Staycations. Mom’s used 2005 Civic. Sometimes the functional, less glamorous option is just what you need.

In that spirit, we reviewed the two of the lowest priced phones in the Ting Mobile line up, the Motorola moto e (2020) and the Samsung Galaxy A02s. Two phones that just happen to be on sale for a limited time at $99 and $129, respectively. Read on to see if these entry-level smartphones meet your needs without all the bells and whistles (like lattes, room service and power windows). 


The trend at this price point is large screens that have good (but not great) resolution and noticeable borders around the screen. 

These two phones are no exception and are similar in all aspects except size, with the Samsung Galaxy A02s offering a slightly larger 6.5-inch screen as compared to the moto e (2020) at 6.2-inch. 

I found both screens to be surprisingly good for the price. I streamed The Weeknd and Ariana Grande’s “Save Your Tears” video on YouTube. In no way did I Google a Billboard Top 100 list in an effort to remain relevant. Video was smooth and bright on both phones. Sound was good through the internal speakers; the moto e (2020) seemed to edge out the Samsung Galaxy A02s but not by much.

The A02s’ larger display adds size and weight to the phone. The moto e (2020) comes in smaller and lighter and doesn’t feel like a major screen size compromise.

moto e (2020) front and back view.
moto e (2020)


Smartphone cameras are better than ever. At this price point, we expect a nice camera upgrade compared to two year-old phones in a similar price band. We weren’t disappointed. 

Both phones feature a capable main rear camera (13 MP) plus a depth lens for blurred backgrounds in portraits and other depth effects. The A02s also sports a macro lens (2 MP) for close-up shots.

How do these tech specs translate to actual photos? Both phones do a pretty good job of taking photos outdoors in good light. I compared some pictures I took around my neighborhood and all looked pretty darn good even, on my laptop screen. If there was one difference: the color in the moto e photos felt a bit more bright and natural.

If your photography needs are more advanced, consider a higher-end phone. The $200-$400 range is about where you’ll want to start. Check out our head-to-head comparison of the motorola one 5G ace and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for a couple of great options in that price range. 


Everyone needs a phone that lasts through the day on a single charge. Neither phone will disappoint. 

The A02s has a larger battery and charges faster with the included fast charger. Despite having a smaller battery, moto e (2020) claims up to two days of battery life. I certainly noticed that the battery held a charge for a long time between uses. 

The A02s has an advantage here with the inclusion of the fast charger.

Front and back view of the Samsung Galaxy A02s. Back features three camera lenses stacked vertically with an LED flash adjacent.
Samsung Galaxy A02s

Build quality

Both phones feel solid in your hand and even have connections for your favorite wired headphones. 

The A02s is black with a textured back that feels nice to hold. It offers a face unlock feature that worked most of the time in my testing.

The moto e (2020) is navy blue with a smooth back. It’s a bit shorter than A02s which makes it a little easier to hold one-handed. It also offers a rear fingerprint sensor which makes it super convenient to unlock your phone and gives the moto e (2020) the advantage here. 


It’s close. The moto e (2020) has a slight edge at just $99 while the A02s is $30 more at a still affordable $129. 


Both phones get the basics right with a few important differences.

The moto e (2020) offers a large screen in a slightly smaller package, nicely balanced outdoor photos, better than average battery life and that handy fingerprint unlock.

Samsung A02s gives you a larger screen and fast charging for $30 more. 

Hit the Ting Mobile Shop

If you don’t ask a lot out of your smartphone and need a wallet-friendly option built for today’s LTE networks, both the motorola moto e (2020) and Samsung Galaxy A02s are smart choices.

Take a look at both in the Ting Mobile Shop and whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.