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Introducing the $130 Moto E4 – Available now in the Ting Shop

Unboxing the Moto E4


We like a lot of what Moto has been doing. It’s an opinion based on having tried and tested out more phones from more manufacturers than we care to count. We like the ethos behind Moto E so we were excited to get our hands on the Moto E4.

Budget phones too often come up wanting. While you’re obviously letting go of premium build quality and features in staying under the $150 mark, the Moto E line has always impressed on price vs. performance.

We took the Moto E (2nd gen) for an extended test drive and, even stepping straight down from the flagship Nexus 6P, we were impressed.

The latest Moto E is the Moto E4 and it’s available in the Ting Shop now for $129.

What sets the Moto E4 apart

This phone punches way above its weight. It’s practically untouchable in its price range. While you’re saving $500 or more as compared with a flagship, you’re not giving up what feels like $500 of value.

It also has something that premium phones can’t touch: a removable battery and expandable storage with an inexpensive Micro SD card.

We’ll spend a month with the E4 and report back with some extended real-world experience. From the few days we’ve spent with the smartphone to this point, we can promise you won’t be disappointed. Ting Community Manager Jesse Simms has been using the Google Pixel for half a year now and will have some interesting perspectives to offer. This will be his first extended time with a budget smartphone since budget smartphones stopped sucking.

The closest competitor to the Moto E4 is, interestingly enough, the Moto E4 Plus. If the extra $50 and the extra month’s wait aren’t a deal breaker, the E4 Plus might be worth holding out for.

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