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Our Moto G6 Play review

moto G6 play

An exceptional phone at an affordable price

Motorola phones with impressive specs at a great price aren’t hard to come by these days. You’re spoiled for choice, really. So what sets the Moto G6 Play apart from the pack?

Never has a phone looked and felt so good for just $199. We’re serious. Today, you can own a phone that takes amazing photos in all kinds of light, powers through a day and night on a single charge and is built with intuitive skills that make using this toy (or tool, depending on how you look at it) a joy.

Moto G6 Play price: get more for less

At just $199 it seems almost unthinkable that Moto G6 Play is this affordable.

Pre-order it starting on June 28, 2018 in the Ting Shop.

The 13-megapixel camera

Moto G6 PlayThese days a 12-megapixel camera feels pretty standard on most high-end phones, but Moto G6 Play steps it up with a 13-megapixel main camera with phase detection autofocus so your camera is ready no matter what. Moto G6 Play also automatically takes multiple photos and recommends the best one so you never miss a shot.

Capture video up to 1080p and in slow motion too. Watch your videos on a 5.7-inch edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 aspect ratio for wider viewing.

It brings light to the future of selfies with some of the add-ons to its 5-megapixel selfie cam, including LED flash. Use beautification mode so you always look your absolute best. We were pretty impressed with the performance of the camera set.

At $199, it’s absolutely incredible.

The phone to play with

A lot of the cool features of this phone are in the cameras and the ability to take quality photos in all kinds of light. It makes total sense considering this is the phone Moto is positioning as all play and no work.

Not to say this phone doesn’t have the guts to keep up with work. Get smooth, speedy processing with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. Moto G6 Play never kept us waiting.

Moto G6 Play battery review

What’s the point of having an awesome camera set if your phone dies in a few minutes? The massive 4,000 mAh Moto G6 Play battery will last you all day and well into the night. It also comes equipped with rapid charging so you can get hours of battery in just minutes of charging.

Look and feel: how it stacks up to Moto G6

Moto G6 Play is little more frugal-friendly in its approach to look and feel than its older brother, Moto G6. Moto G6 has an all glass back, similar to the smooth, high-end all-black glass body of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Moto G6 Play, on the other hand, opts for a 3D polymer glass back with a water-repellent coating. You’re not sacrificing much in terms of style with the polymer glass back. When we held them side by side, you could hardly notice a difference.

Moto G6 Play has a fingerprint sensor on the back, which is a nice placement for using some of the added sensor actions, but more on this below.

Intuitive Moto experiences

Moto Actions are simple, intuitive gestures you probably already do with your phone, but with Moto G6 Play, they unlock simple phone actions.

For instance, when you flip Moto G6 Play face down, it will automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode, a nice feature if you’re looking to disconnect or unplug from your phone for a bit.

There’s also a multi-function fingerprint reader. Lock and unlock your phone with a scan and swipe left on the fingerprint reader to go back. We were skeptical of the usability of a swiping motion on a back fingerprint sensor, but when we got to playing with it, it actually felt a lot more natural compared to swiping on a front-facing sensor at the bottom of a display.

We love what Moto’s up to

To be fair, we’ve loved Moto for a long time, and Moto G6 Play just makes a great lineup that much sweeter.

For just $199 in the Ting Shop, get an awesome phone that does everything you want it to. In fact, it might just exceed your expectations. Moto G6 Play is a great phone for Ting customers who don’t want to spend on an overpriced phone but still want a superior phone experience.

Starting June 28, 2018, we’re taking pre-orders for Moto G6 Play. Get it while you can. This one is guaranteed to go fast.