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Ting Mobile’s must-reads: September

A desk with a coffee, phone and autumnal leaf on it, the phone shows Septembers best content from Ting

September was another busy month over on the Ting blog. We reviewed several new additions to the Ting shop, such as the Google Pixel 4a, gave some tips on how to make your old smartphone feel new again, and shared a list of some of our favorite frugal bloggers.

These articles, however, didn’t quite make our must-read list for the month. 

While not an exact science, this list is made up of the articles that seemed to captivate you, our lovely Ting readers, the most. 

When deciding what would make the cut, we considered page views, engagements on our social media and several other metrics that we won’t bore you with.

But enough build-up, here are your top picks from our blog for the month of September:

3.  Those without VoLTE phone could lose mobile service in 2021

A woman looking despairingly at her phone

In this piece, we discussed the upcoming 3G shutdown which is estimated to affect 47 million devices nationwide. 

We looked at why 3G was going away, why phones will now need Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) to continue to function properly, and discussed what you should do if your phone isn’t VoLTE compatible. 

Given the impact that the 3G shutdown is going to have on phone users (please see previous 47 million devices stat), we’re glad to see this piece getting some traction. 

2. Ting Mobile’s Sponsorship Spotlight: Jon Rettinger

Jon Rettinger speaking on a video call.

This one was super exciting for us. We got the chance to sit down with Jon Rettinger, one of the most-watched tech creators on YouTube, and pick his brain on all things tech.

Among other questions, we asked him if he had any thoughts on the prospect of Apple releasing a foldable phone, whether he’d choose the Google Pixel 4a over iPhone SE and what he predicts for the future of the tech industry. 

3. Real human customer support from Ting Mobile

A Ting Mobile customer service agent speaking on a headset

We must say, we were thrilled to see that you guys seemed to enjoy this article so much. So much, in fact, that it secured this month’s number one spot. 

It was written as a reminder to everyone out there that if you ever need to ring our customer support, you’ll be greeted by a real human on the other end of the phone. Pretty wild right? 

After this article went out, we had an influx of people messaging us, sharing their great experiences with our customer team. And frankly, that just warms our little hearts.

Go and check out the Ting blog! 

So there you have it, the crème de la crème of Ting Mobile blog posts in September. 

If you missed out on these, or any of our awesome articles that came out last month, you can catch up right here on the blog

We’ll be checking in next month with the highlights from October but until then, stay safe and enjoy something pumpkin spice flavored.