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My week with the Samsung A21

Galaxy A21 review

In our “Week With” series, we put a phone into the hands of someone on the Ting Mobile team and ask for their honest feedback. This time, we asked Mitul, then our Digital Performance Marketing Manager, to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy A21 and to share some insights.

His primary phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9, the Samsung flagship from 2018. We thought it would be interesting to see how the Galaxy A21 stacked up against his daily driver. Mitul believes in getting to the point so this should be an easy read! Here are his honest thoughts after a week with the Samsung Galaxy A21.

What I liked

Phone “feel”

Overall, I really like the A21. It actually feels quite similar to my S9. It’s a huge phone, and is actually nearly an inch taller than my Galaxy S9. If you’re used to a small phone, this might throw you off, but as the owner of a large form-factor Samsung, I felt right at home. It’s also rather lightweight for its size while still feeling sturdy.


The phone is larger for good reason–it has a 6.5-inch screen. By comparison, the screen on my S9 is 5.8 inches. It’s really great for multimedia viewing and browsing. As expected, the display on the S9 is a bit crisper, but I found the A21’s screen to be pretty comparable.


The A21 has an impressive rear-facing camera set, especially at such an affordable price. The quad-camera includes a 16 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultra-wide lens, a 2 MP macro camera and a 2 MP depth sensor. By comparison, the S9 features a single excellent main camera. Quality-wise, it’s a similar story to the display. The S9 was certainly more well known for picture quality, but the A21 camera takes great pics and is very versatile.

Familiar user experience

Any Samsung Galaxy user will feel at home using the A21, whether you’re coming from an older flagship model like myself or upgrading from an older mid-range model. 


This goes without saying. At just $249 in the Ting Shop, this phone offers incredible value. 

What I didn’t like


After I transferred all my data from my S9 to the A21, I received a notification saying “storage space running out.” 32 GB storage isn’t a whole lot these days, so I’d suggest purchasing a microSD card, with which you can expand memory up to 512 GB. The good news is that microSD cards are inexpensive and allow you to have more storage space than you’re likely to ever need.

Not for power users

The A21 performed well, but when I had a large number of applications open, I did notice some lag time when opening new ones. I do tend to have eight to ten apps open at once though. If you’re not a very heavy multi-tasker or usually close applications that aren’t being used, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Final thoughts

This was my first time using one of Samsung’s newer mid range phones. In my opinion, the majority of phone users can save hundreds by buying a phone like the A21 and not feel like they’re missing out on anything. I personally will never buy an expensive phone if I can get a phone like the A21 at a lower price.

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