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New video start up guides on Ting

In the new year, we’ll be redesigning our video start up guides. Gone are the real-time walkthroughs with voice over (from a VO guy some of you have said sounds like James Stewart), replaced with a more straight-ahead and polished approach.

Rather than bundling several topics into one video we’ll be breaking out the topics people need to get started (how to set a passcode lock, how to download and install an app, how to connect a Bluetooth device and so on) as quick-hit help videos. We’ll be doing up to 15 per device.

These prototypes are available in up to 720p resolution. Click the cog icon in the embedded YouTube videos below to access quality settings. The final renders will be available in up to 1080p.

Prototype 1 – Ting Start Up Guide video

Prototype 2 – Ting Start Up Guide video

This is where you come in

Before we really start cranking through these videos, we’d love to hear your thoughts. The content of these videos is early stages. This topic in particular is pretty rudimentary for anyone who’s had a smartphone before. However, think of the newbies. (Won’t somebody please think of the newbies?!)

What we’re interested to hear is what you think of the treatment overall. Is the on-screen text easy to follow along with? Is what’s going on easy to see? Is it too fast? Too slow? Do you prefer version one with blue text on the right and the phone on the left, or version two with black text on the left and the phone on the right? Perhaps you’d prefer some combination of the two. We’d love to hear from you before we finalize our plans for the redesigned Ting start up guide videos.

These videos serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, they are designed to help those new to the world of Android figure out how to get things done. Second, they’re designed to give people looking to buy a new device a much closer look at how the device works, what it looks like in the real world and so on.

With all that said, please feel free to sound off in the comments below. We’ve also put together quick survey where you can share your opinions.