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Nexus 6 is coming. Grab a SIM card and get ready!

For anyone that’s been following the Ting story, this will be a familiar refrain.

We’ll be getting the Nexus 6. You shouldn’t buy it from us.

Instead, get a better deal on the cross-carrier Nexus 6 by buying direct from the Google Play store.

Ting Nano SIM C3 for the Nexus 6You will need a Ting-compatible SIM card to activate. That you certainly should buy from us.

So, in summation: Order a Ting Nexus 6 SIM card from Ting. Grab your Nexus 6. Load up your two package tracking numbers in separate browser windows. Obsessively refresh the pages to create a sort of cross-country package race.

Such fun!

Quick update: We’ve just heard that Nexus 6 devices from the Motorola Store should be able to make the jump to Ting starting later today!