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Operation Ting LTE-make-go-live = success

With the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Ting pre-orders trucking across the US to land in the first pre-orderer’s waiting arms, LTE on Ting is now real. Like really real.

Recently we completed the back-end work that was required in order to get Ting devices on to Sprint’s nascent LTE network. As these devices come online in LTE-ready areas, they’ll be the first to connect to LTE through Ting.

If you happen to be the very first Ting customer to connect to the LTE network with your Galaxy S III, you’ll be one of the promised two first 200 pre-orders to get your device purchase price refunded. If you’re not the very first to hit the LTE network, don’t worry. You’ll still get pride of place as among the very first to experience the insane speeds of LTE. Know this too: you’ll definitely be able to count yourself as one of the first 200 pre-orders which means you still have a one in 198 chance of having your device purchase price refunded… and those aren’t bad odds!

If you don’t live in an LTE area, might we suggest a road trip? Check out our coverage map to see all the current LTE coverage areas. If indeed you’re up for a road trip, we hear Kansas City is beautiful this time of year.