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What is Ting Mobile? Learn more about Ting

What Is Ting Mobile

What is Ting Mobile?

Ting is a no-contract carrier that offers pay for what you use rates as opposed to requiring customers to select a plan. In this way, mobile isn’t a high fixed cost; a Ting customer’s bill can vary with how much they use each month. As a result, the average bill on Ting is just $23 per month. You can save $25 to get started with the promo code offered at

How is Ting coverage?

Ting offers excellent coverage, nationwide. Ting customers receive the same coverage as Sprint and T-Mobile customers, including 4G LTE data where available. Find out which network is right for you; check out our coverage map.

What phones work on Ting?

Just about any unlocked phone will work on Ting, owing to the fact that Ting offers coverage on two nationwide networks. The latest iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Essential phone and other flagships work on Ting, as do entry-level flip phones as well as entry-level and mid-range smartphones like Motorola’s Moto E, G, X and Z ranges, to name a few.

Starting an online business: why you should build an online presence

Starting an online business

Starting an online business

We’re lucky to be part of a generation where we can experiment with business ideas and endeavors with relative ease and minimal start-up capital. The resources available for starting an online business and getting it up and running are abundant.

When your business is online there is no need to look for the ideal location within set budget constraints. Much of the start-up stress of setting up a business disappear.

That’s part of the magic of building businesses online. It can often be virtually free or much cheaper than opening and operating a traditional bricks and mortar business.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider starting an online business and how to begin building an online presence.