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Ting Customer Q&A – John A. Hayner

John A. Hayner

Ting customer since: Mar 2012
Previous carrier: Verizon
Monthly savings with Ting: Approx. $50/mo

Where did you first hear about Ting?:

From my friend Pete as I was looking into a new phone.

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

It was just that Ting seemed so simple. My friend Jeff was writing an intro piece about Ting for Digital Trends and had nothing but good things to say from his research. I found nothing but good things from my research. Then I hopped on the plan calculator on Ting’s website and saw what I would save over Verizon. That’s when my mind was blown. I quickly did an analysis of if I used 1/2 GB of data, vs. 1GB vs. even 2GB and compared it to what i would pay over the next two years had I gotten a new contract with Verizon and a new iPhone, and woah. My Motorola Photon would be paid for by my savings alone in well under a year!

…How long was left? What did that translate to in early termination fees?:

I was about 5 months past my 2 year contract being expired. $0 in termination fees.

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:

The last three months I have paid $46-$49/month for my Ting service. With Verizon I was paying 108-$115. Which is an incredible savings of $59-$69 every month for a better phone/better apps/better service.

How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:

1 phone.

When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

That you guys are awesome. That there are real people that will answer your calls when you call with questions/to get help. When I had a few hiccups when I first signed up (my voicemail and text service weren’t turned on) they fixed them both right away, and refunded me a credit for my activation fee (i think). The cost savings for people are incredible vs. the major carriers and their increasingly restrictive plans.

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

Yes. I HATED the cust. serivce from Verizon. I once waited on hold for 45 minutes to talk to some woman in India only to get transfered to her boss because my question was apparently over her pay grade, and had to wait ANOTHER 45 minutes!!! I was Pissed! (pardon my french). When I first called Ting I talked to a very pleasant woman (Janice)who helped me compare the photon to the galaxy.

What should we be doing better?:

The phone selection is an issue for people who just looove their silly little iPhones. but i know you guys are working on that (from reading the blog).

I love my photon so i’m happy.

Operation Ting LTE-make-go-live = success

With the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Ting pre-orders trucking across the US to land in the first pre-orderer’s waiting arms, LTE on Ting is now real. Like really real.

Recently we completed the back-end work that was required in order to get Ting devices on to Sprint’s nascent LTE network. As these devices come online in LTE-ready areas, they’ll be the first to connect to LTE through Ting.

If you happen to be the very first Ting customer to connect to the LTE network with your Galaxy S III, you’ll be one of the promised two first 200 pre-orders to get your device purchase price refunded. If you’re not the very first to hit the LTE network, don’t worry. You’ll still get pride of place as among the very first to experience the insane speeds of LTE. Know this too: you’ll definitely be able to count yourself as one of the first 200 pre-orders which means you still have a one in 198 chance of having your device purchase price refunded… and those aren’t bad odds!

If you don’t live in an LTE area, might we suggest a road trip? Check out our coverage map to see all the current LTE coverage areas. If indeed you’re up for a road trip, we hear Kansas City is beautiful this time of year.

Device Update – SII on sale, SIII coming soon, mid-range Android and a QWERTY feature phone slider

Device Update – August 30, 2012

There’s a fair bit of hardware news to share so we’re not going to mince words. Well, maybe we’ll mince a couple…

Some of the device news for this week clarifies stuff we’ve already announced with firmer dates and more detail on device names, pricing and the like. We’ve got our share of new news to share too.

First things first…

Samsung Galaxy SII on sale

We’re knocking the price of the Samsung Galaxy SII down to below $400. Specifically to $390. The SII lost its pride of place as the top-end of the top of the line thanks to the Galaxy SIII. However, it’s still a powerhouse Android smartphone running a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor plus 1 GB of RAM and rocking a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED screen. With the recent OTA update it runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich as well.

Check it out and save a mint.

Samsung Galaxy SIII pre-orders: Shipment begins

If you pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy SIII 32 GB Pebble Blue model in the first few minutes of the pre-order window opening, great news: Odds are good that your device is on its way to you now.

We received a small stock of SIIIs in the warehouse and are getting them out the door as quickly as is humanly possible. If you weren’t among the very first pre-orders, or if you ordered the 16 GB Pebble Blue or either capacity option of the Marble White Galaxy SIII, it’ll be just a little while longer; they’re in-bound to our warehouse. As soon as they arrive, our top priority is to get out the door and into your waiting arms.

We’ve got to applaud everyone’s patience thus far. We know how excruciating it is to wait for a hot new gadget to arrive. We’ll certainly keep everyone posted as stock arrives and shipments proceed.

Devices coming to Ting


This is a super sweet smartphone with a 4.7-inch screen at 720×1280, runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and is coming soon to a Ting near you. Like one more sleep soon. Stay tuned. You can sign up for device alerts by logging in to your account or creating a new one (no purchase required, of course).

ZTE Warp

We’ve received a lot of requests for an Android smartphone in the mid-range of the price scale; as it stands, there’s a pretty big gap in our lineup between $200 and $400. This is one of the handsets that will help to fill that gap.

ZTE doesn’t have the same brand cachet as the likes of HTC, Samsung or other top-tier smartphone manufacturers but it makes good phones, offers them at decent prices and doesn’t mess with Android by adding skins or a bunch of silly add-on apps.

The Warp offers quite a bit for your buck: a 4.3-inch screen at 480×800, a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM and a 5 MP camera.

We expect to have this device up for pre-order in mid September and it will come in at under $250.

Airave incoming

Hope for people whose home or office get an intermittent or non-existant mobile signal: we’ll be adding the Airrave to our list of available devices as soon as possible. We’ll have a blog post dedicated entirely to this subject as details come available. The Airave is a femtocell device that plugs in to your home router in order to push voice traffic over the Internet. Your phone doesn’t need to have Wi-Fi turned on (or have Wi-Fi at all, for feature phone users). The Airrave is intended to seamlessly hand calls over from the Sprint network to your femtocell and vice-versa. It appears to your phone as a typical mobile signal and behaves in a similar way.

LTE data devices

We’re working to add LTE-ready data devices to Ting. However right now, it’s out of our hands while Sprint and the manufacturers figure things out. We’ll keep our ear to the ground and continue to ask questions in order to provide updates. As it stands though, there’s no news.

Home Phone Connect

No timeframes we can talk about right now but we’re considering adding Home Phone Connect. With Home Phone Connect you can plug in an analog phone (including a cordless) and make calls from home using your mobile number. If you’ve considered ditching your landline for a mobile solution, this is a great bet. More details soon.

Feature phone update

We’re working hard to get a flip feature phone in as soon as possible. It’s an obvious gap in our device lineup that we’re eager to fill. The Optimus Ss that we brought in at a special price to fill the feature phone gap have been flying out the door. We can’t tell you right this instant what the feature phone solution is. Not because we’re being cloak and dagger but because we’re not sure ourselves. As soon as we have a solution though, we’ll let you know.

We’re also adding a slider QWERTY feature phone but details on that will have to wait for the next device update.

BYOD update

In more somber news, it’s official: the Galaxy Nexus is out of the running as a Ting device. Even with BYOD in the works. Google seems to be taking a page from Apple’s book (careful you don’t get sued!) in very carefully vetting the carriers that are allowed to carry the device. MVNOs don’t seem to exist in the Google hive mind. If we sound bitter… well, we’re not. We’re deeply disappointed though and we realize we have to make great efforts to ensure “virtual network operators” like Ting are in the running for the next pure Google device.

Announcing Ting dashboard 2.0 preview

Today our talented dev team took the wraps off the new Ting account dashboard. It’s available to preview now and will be ready to roll out to all users soon, following the preview period and some final tweaks.

To check out the new dashboard just click on the Dashboard Preview link in the right hand navigation panel of your Ting account page. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Upon hitting the Dashboard Preview link you’ll be dropped in to the brand new control panel that features easier to read usage gauges for minutes, messages and megabytes (reminiscent of Great Pokéballs… which it must be pointed out have a 1.5x better chance of catching a Pokémon than a standard Pokéball), improved individual device-level control, brand new individual device-level alerts as well as the option to disable voice, text messages, data or completely suspend the individual device in question when it hits the limits you’ve defined. We’ve also made it easier to see events like phone calls, text messages and data sessions by account or by device.

The new control panel also allows the option to change global account settings to turn things like call forwarding and international calling, text and picture / video messaging, tethering, 4G and more on or off at the account level. Any devices whose preferences you’ve already set will remain unchanged; these global preferences will be stored and applied to any new devices you add to your Ting account upon activation.

We’ve made it much easier to find your Refer a Friend details and we’ve made it simpler share Ting with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve cleaned up the Details streams which are now nested under each of the usage dials; click View Details under the Minutes, Messages or

Megabytes dials to see a full log of all activity on your account. We’ve made it easier to change your plan and we’ve done a lot of work to clarify bills. We’ll continue to tweak during this preview phase and we have a lot of plans to further clarify bills in the coming development cycles.

Log in to your account, click the Dashboard Preview link and have a look around.

Please let us know what you think by filling out the Ting account control panel redesign survey, embedded below and available here.

Ting Customer Q&A – LeAnn Barga

LeAnn Barga

Ting customer since: Aug 2012
Previous carrier: Sprint
Monthly savings with Ting: Approx. $40/mo

Where did you first hear about Ting?:

I believe I first heard about Ting from a friend online.

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

I love that with Ting I only pay for what I use, and if I use more than what I “plan” I am not bombarded with exorbitant fees. I really also enjoy the personal customer service, especially from Sarah in marketing. She was very helpful in my switch.

Were you in contact with a mobile carrier before you made the move to Ting? How long was left? What did that translate to in early termination fees?:

I was still in a contract with Sprint, I had 7 months left and my ETF was $70.00

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:

I am saving over 50% savings each month. With Sprint I paid $84.68 a month. With Ting I pay $42.07.

How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:


When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

I explain that I am with an amazing cell phone provider, Ting and that I pay less than half of what I formally paid with my previous provider.

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

I am very happy that I made the move to Ting. Not only is the customer service great, I can view my usage in real time.

What should we be doing better?:

I had wished that I could have brought my existing Sprint phone with me to Ting, but I am really enjoying my new cell phone.

BYOD – coming soon to Ting

UPDATE: BYOD for Sprint devices will hit beta testing soon. The latest details are in our BYO(S)D – Moving ever closer to Ting blog post.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the most oft asked for features for Ting customers both current and would-be. It’s always been on our list and we’re always working to be able to offer it. That work is beginning to pay off. We’ll be rolling out the first phase of our BYOD program in Q4 of this year.

We’d say we’re excited to announce BYOD but that sounds too PR-ish. We’d say we’re super stoked to announce BYOD but that’d sound like we’re trying too hard. I guess you could say we’re at a loss for words to express just how super excitedly stoked we are to announce BYOD.

Before we dive in to the details on our upcoming BYOD plan, we want to manage some expectations. First, we’ll only be able to do BYOD for devices that work on the Sprint network initially [CLARIFICATION: and both Boost and Virgin mobile devices are excluded]. BYOSD, if you will. That said, this is a vital first step toward a more fluid mobile world where devices can move between carriers. We’ll continue to push. Second, this is not a backdoor to get the iPhone on Ting. BlackBerry, push to talk (PTT) and a small list of specific handsets won’t be BYODable (hey, it’s a word now). At least not immediately.

That said, for the vocal Windows Phone devotees we hear from, this development means that many Windows Phone devices purchased from Sprint can be brought over to and used on Ting. It also means that the super sweet Android smartphone you bought from Sprint can have a home on Ting and that the perfectly serviceable Sprint handset sitting in your desk drawer can come along too rather than taking a one-way trip to landfill.

We’ve got to hand it to Sprint on this too; this a brave and forward-thinking step. We partnered with Sprint because they’ve made it clear that virtual operators are important. This kind of development demonstrates just how important.

We’re still a good couple of months away from being able to offer BYOSD. Consider this a heads-up; if you’ve been hesitating on making the move to Ting because you’ve got a perfectly good Sprint device you’d like to bring along, you need hesitate no longer. Well. You need hesitate only a little while longer.

We must point out though, the sooner you move to Ting, the sooner you save. You can buy a Ting device knowing that your current Sprint handset can be handed over to your partner, your mom or the kids when BYOD hits. Running the numbers on the Ting calculator you’ll see that even factoring the device purchase price in, Ting will save you money on mobile. That said, if you have a reasonably current Sprint phone you paid good money for and would like to bring to Ting, you’ll realize those savings even sooner.

Our focus is on providing awesome and friendly mobile service. We’d much rather let our customers buy their phones from whatever outlet they prefer or bring their existing mobiles to Ting when their contract expires. This is a huge step in that direction.

How BYOSD on Ting will work

If you have a supported Sprint device that’s not under contract (or if you want to pay the ETF fees to get out of your contract), you’ll be able activate it on Ting just as you would a device that you purchased from us.

Your ex-Sprint device will use your Ting account’s pooled minutes, messages and megabytes.

Which phones are eligible for BYOSD?

Any Sprint phone will be eligible with a few notable exceptions including the iPhone, BlackBerry and PTT devices we mentioned before [CLARIFICATION: Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile devices are also not eligible for BYOD]. The list of exclusions isn’t finalized but will certainly be much shorter than the list of devices that can be brought over.

The reverse is also true

Any device purchased from Ting can also be BYOD’d to Sprint. It’s always been this way.

Strangely, we’re happy about this too. There are people who have been reluctant to try Ting because while we don’t (nor will we ever) lock devices, there’s a perception that a Ting device can only be used on Ting. This BYOD development makes the leap of faith more of a hop and people are more likely to give us a chance when Sprint is there as a fall-back plan. We’re sure that once mobile users get a taste of “mobile that makes sense,” they’ll have no desire to leave. That said, it’s the safety net that some people need.

We’ve been pushing hard for BYOSD. There’s still a bit of a wait but Q4 isn’t that far away. We’ll continue to push in an effort to make this happen in the earlier part of Q4.

As always, we’ll keep you posted. Follow our Device Updates feed to get the latest news.

If you want BYOD on Ting, please take a moment to fill out the quick survey that’s embedded below.

Online Form – Untitled Form