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Multiple devices on one account.

Ting gets better the more colleagues or loved ones you add.

With Ting, you pay just $6 a month per device.

Each device contributes to one total of minutes, messages and megabytes. The value on minutes, messages and megabytes actually gets better on Ting as you use more. So, rather than pushing you toward some terrible overage penalty, pooling the usage of a larger group will actually help you get better rates.

Plus, it is easy to track usage by device and manage all your devices from one simple dashboard.

No contracts.

We intend to challenge the way things are done in mobile phone service. We intend to offer outstanding value, usability and support. So why would we lock you into a long-term contract?

At Ting, you buy your own new device, which is likely more affordable than you think. We are confident you will recover that money quickly on our rates. We are certain you will appreciate the way we do business. But if you do not, we think that you should be free to go.

No hold customer support.

We have been doing this at Hover and the response has been amazing.

Monday through Friday, 8am – 8pm ET, we simply disable the hold system. You call us and the phone rings until one of us picks it up. And we don’t let it ring long.

Geek-powered support.

Think about some customer support experiences you have had recently. Assuming you managed to get to human beings, did you feel like they were as resourceful as they could be? Were they limited by access to certain systems or information? Did they seem to be sticking to a script or a prescribed set of solutions? Did they seem like they would do anything to solve your problem?

If you seek our help, you likely have a problem that doesn’t fit neatly onto a list. You need someone who is competent and creative. Someone who can hack a solution for you without going to a supervisor or obtaining the “necessary permissions.” You need someone who will solve your problem and then brag about it to the rest of the team here. You need a geek.

At Ting, we hire the sort of people who are already solving mobile phone problems for their friends and families. We train them, treat them well and empower them to solve problems. We allow them real names, profile photos and publishing rights on the blog. So you are not accessing some cog in a giant machine, you are getting a capable person with their own ideas and their own bag of tricks.



Great rates.

You can read all about our rates and the benefits of paying based on actual usage. That has a lot to do with why you will end up saving money. (If you haven’t already done so, calculate your savings here.)

But, the fact is that we are also simply charging great rates for minutes, messages and megabytes.

That is partly a product of our cost savings – a smaller team, more of the customer experience online, no halftime shows or celebrity spokespeople. We also have a very different business model. We will make less money per customer in hopes of building more loyal relationships and earning referrals.

No overage penalties.

We have talked to a lot of folks about mobile phone service over the past year and no topic is more inflammatory than overages. (Traditionally, “overage” means usage above some arbitrary amount, triggering a huge spike in rates.) It inspires fear, suspicion and anger. It also defies convention. Why penalize customers for using more? Why treat your best customers like criminals?

At Ting, we don’t.

Whether you use 50 megabytes or 4,000 megabytes, you pay a reasonable rate. (In fact, your 4,000th megabyte is less expensive than your 50th) This is also true for voice minutes and text messages. There is no premium or penalty that kicks in. Ever.

Look at the line of copy above each usage bucket that includes the phrase “…for each additional (unit) beyond XXL.” Imagine your worst possible month and do the math yourself. You will find no whammies here.