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The OTARD law: can Homeowners Associations ban antennas?

otard law

Your protections under the OTARD law

FCC OTARD Rule2018 has been a great year for over-the-air TV and, with the new 3.0 OTA standard on the horizon, your antenna is about to get better with free 4K over-the-air. Yet, we often hear that a homeowners’ association (HOA), or a similar group, attempts to block someone from installing an antenna on their condo or house. However, the OTARD (Over-the-Air Reception Devices) law is clear on this; you have every legal right to install an antenna, even on a condo, if you own it or have an exclusive use area of your rental property.

You may be interested to learn that the FCC’s OTARD law further prohibits most restrictions that an HOA might try to enforce, such as preventing installation, maintenance or use of an antenna, or unreasonably increasing the cost to do so.

The rule also applies to rental properties where the renter has an exclusive use area, like a balcony or patio. This includes condominium owners, co-op owners and tenants, townhomes, manufactured homes and single-family homes as well. The rule does not apply to common areas such as the roof or exterior walls of multi-dwelling units.

Best shopping apps for the holiday season

best shopping apps

Looking to save money this holiday season? Here’s our list of the best shopping apps

Frugal, savvy spenders will want to check out this roundup of the best shopping apps. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday shopping, especially if you want to crush your budget goals and get the best deals.

We’ve covered lots of money saving apps here on the Ting Blog, and the three apps we’ll talk about today will help you save and be a more conscious shopper. You don’t have to break the bank to get everyone on your list the perfect gift. We’ve put together a list of apps and some other helpful shopping hacks to get the best price no matter what you’re looking to buy.

#TingIt sticker giveaway is back!

We recently decided to launch a fun #TingIt social media contest where we’ve been inserting a Ting sticker into every Ting SIM card we ship out and asking you to stick it, snap it and share it for a chance to win $100 in Ting credit. Each month we’ll select the two $100 credit winners, picking our two favorites across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thinking of the perfect spot to #TingIt? If you don’t need a new SIM card but would like the chance to win $100 in Ting credit, submit your info in the form below. We’ll send you a free Ting sticker, no strings attached.

Take a look at some previous #TingIt submissions:

A GPS tracker for Halloween night: use share location with your trick-or-treater

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

A safety tip for Halloween

If you’re looking for some Halloween safety rules, tips or tricks to implement with your older trick-or-treater this year, we’ve got a great tip for you. Turn your child’s phone into a GPS tracker for Halloween night.

Google Maps has a cool little feature that lets you share locations in real-time. You can see where your trick-or-treaters are and supervise from home. This is an awesome Halloween safety tip for parents of slightly older kids (think early middle school) where kids might be asking to trick-or-treat on their own with a group of friends.

Call family long distance on Ting

long distance

No extra cost on long distance with Ting

Kristin lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Her current monthly bill is about $33 for two phones on Ting and she calls long distance regularly. Monthly mobile service that affordable is a huge help for any family. Ting gets especially helpful when you start to look at some of the extra perks we offer, like international long distance to over 60 countries at no extra cost.

Our remap Bixby button S8 Ting Tip: how to reassign your Bixby button

remap bixby button s8
As far as assistants go, Bixby seems to be one of the less popular options out there. If you love your Samsung Galaxy S8, but hate Bixby, here’s a Bixby button remapper you might want to try.

With the Bixby Button Remapper app | Android | you can change your Bixby button action to a new shortcut. You can open another app, open the camera app or even turn your flashlight on. Remap Bixby button to Google Assistant or disable the Bixby button completely. It’s entirely up to you.