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Short term and long term plans for Ting Internet?

Recently, Melissa asked, “what are the short and long term plans for Ting Internet?”

So we knocked on some corner office doors and got VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Goldstein, and CEO, Elliot Noss, to answer.

Our favorite phones for seniors: senior phones are simple and budget-friendly

phones for seniors

If you’re looking for senior phones and senior friendly cell phones, you’ve come to the right place. This roundup will walk you through some feature and smartphone options that are great for the elderly.

Seniors who are new to tech might use less data and they may text and call moderately. If this sounds like you or someone you know, consider Ting Mobile for service. On Ting, you only pay for the minutes, texts and megabytes you actually use.

Start at just $6 per line and then use your phone however you need to. At the end of the month, settle up at a fair price for what you used. For people who don’t use their phone a lot, Ting is a really affordable option. See how much you or the senior in your life could save.

Refer a friend for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch

win a Nintendo Switch

Enter our March 2019 Ting Mobile referral contest for a chance to win

Let your friends and family know! If you love Ting Mobile, why not shout it from the rooftops?

Use your unique Ting referral link to score credit and get entered for a chance to win one of three Nintendo Switch bundles including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

This referral contest runs from March 1 to March 31, 2019.

Ting’s got the best smartphones for teens

best smartphones for teens

Teenage smartphone ownership is a win-win for parents and kids. You get a direct line to your teen and they get access to talk and text, surfing and social media. If you’re looking to get your teen a phone, this roundup of the best smartphones for teens is for you.

On Ting, you also get admin control of the account and how much any phone can use while your teen gets to demonstrate how responsible they can be without the risk of accidentally using a ton of mobile data.

If your kid is due for a new phone or has shown responsible ownership with an old flip phone or hand-me-down, it might be time to look into a new model. Smartphones make great toys but they’re emergency cell phones for kids. With a smartphone, make sure your teen can always reach you, no matter what.

#TingIt to win it: Enter our sticker giveaway

Our famous #TingIt social media contest is back! We’ve been inserting a Ting sticker into every Ting SIM card we ship out and asking you to stick it, snap it and share it for a chance to win $100 in Ting credit. Each month we’ll select the two $100 credit winners, picking our two favorites across FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Thinking of the perfect spot to #TingIt? If you don’t need a new SIM card but would like the chance to win $100 in Ting credit, submit your info in the form below. We’ll send you a free Ting sticker, no strings attached.

Fill out your information here and we’ll have a #TingIt sticker sent your way.

Take a look at some previous #TingIt submissions:

Do you need an emergency phone for kids?

emergency phone for kids

Some kids might be at the age where they don’t need a full-blown smartphone in their pocket, but having a way to get in touch with mom and dad can make everyone feel a bit more secure. Getting an emergency phone for kids can make a lot of sense.

We recommend a simple flip phone or feature phone young kids who need to stay in touch. These basic phones make great emergency cell phones. They do everything they need to in case of an emergency as well as coordinating pick up and drop off for activities and get-togethers.

Ting is a smart choice for an emergency phone

If you’re going with a feature or flip phone and your child will be using few texts or talk minutes, you’ll want to consider going with Ting.

On Ting, you don’t pay a lump sum for a plan. You only pay for what you use. For a kid’s emergency phone, just pay the monthly $6 line fee, and then whatever minutes your child uses in case of emergencies or to coordinate pick up and drop off at school or afterschool programs.