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Looking for a TV schedule? Never miss your favorite show

TV schedule

TV schedule notification tools

When you cancel cable TV, you may be surprised to notice that it’s easy to miss the premieres of your favorite shows since you’re not seeing commercials. This is especially true for on-demand services that are commercial free. The good news is that there’s a flood of new TV schedule services out there to help so you never have to miss your favorite show again.

Here are a few of our favorite picks for the best ways to keep track of what you’re watching.

Affiliate marketing: how to kill it at being an affiliate

affiliate marketing

Getting started with affiliate marketing

It’s likely that eventually in your life, you’ll have to have a job. Look, we can’t all invent something incredible and become overnight millionaires (although, props to you, if you have). Affiliate marketing, where people earn bounties or credit from businesses for every new customer they send the business’ way, is a great side hustle and even full-time gig for savvy self-marketers, promoters and entrepreneurs.

Introducing Ting Sans™

Ting Sans

Last month, Netflix unveiled a custom-made typeface for their platform. Immediately, everyone at Ting HQ wondered if we should have our own font. After all, we’re font-worthy, aren’t we?

Hiya protects you from spam callers and phishing scams


Save yourself the spam call headache with Hiya

Everybody hates spam calls. Beyond those annoying “you won a cruise” messages that interrupt your day and clog your voicemail, scammers can use your phone number in phishing schemes and even trick you into giving up precious personal information. Luckily, when it comes to blocking spam and flagging unwanted numbers, you’ve got options.

We like the app Hiya | Android | iOS | because it serves numbers with a side of context. Hiya gives bit more information about numbers outside of your contact list, flagging them as likely spam, a colleague from work or an important call from the doctor’s office. Hiya also lets you control and update a personalized block list and report nuisance callers.

Hiya aggregates spam lists from their carrier partners to offer comprehensive protection against annoying and phishy calls and texts. It’s ad-free and easy to use. Grab the app and start protecting yourself today.

This DIY boombox can save your next party

DIY boombbox

Create a DIY boombox in minutes flat

So you’re stuck at a party without an AUX cord or a wireless speaker for your smartphone. What to do?

Pump that playlist you’ve been waiting to show off with a DIY boombox that will take just minutes (seriously) to throw together. Consider this a level up from that old “toss your smartphone in a chip bowl” hack. Which also works, by the way, if you’re short any of the materials below.

Get to know Westminster blues musician Christopher James

Christopher James

Meet Christopher James

Christopher James is a celebrated blues musician from Westminster, Maryland. If you’re into the local blues and jazz scene, you probably know his music well, and if you’re not, maybe you recognize his song, “Catch That Train”, from our Ting Westminster commercial, “A great town deserves great Internet”.

That’s one of the great things about James. He’s immersed in the music world. A teacher at Coffey Music on Main Street, a performer, a session artist and a touring member of various groups, James has made a solid, storied and successful career without having to leave home. At least, not for too long.

We’re proud to have the opportunity to connect with artists and musicians in our Ting Towns. When we make a commercial celebrating a town, we do our best to partner with local bands and artists. It’s more complicated than grabbing a track from a royalty-free music service but it supports local artists and personifies our local approach. It also gives us the chance to meet artists like James and to hear their stories. In short: worth it.