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Best budget unlocked Android phone? Motorola phones

best budget unlocked android phone

The best budget unlocked Android phone today? It’s probably a Motorola. You can spend $200 and get a solid smartphone experience, with a beautiful camera set, a fingerprint sensor, lasting battery life and more. The best affordable smartphone is one that has every bell and whistle, but is also unlocked so you have mobile service options.


Cell phone financing with Ting: you don’t have to spend big upfront

cell phone financing

Cell phone financing with Ting is the smarter choice, and there’s a few reasons why. Our financing partner Affirm offers simple device payments over six, 18 and 24 months, with rates from 0-30% APR. Affirm is available in the Ting Shop for all the latest and greatest phones, with Apple financing options too.

You can get a great phone for an affordable monthly price with alternative financing options from Affirm. When you activate your phone on Ting, you only pay for what you use, and save even more.

That means your monthly payment for a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ could be as little as $27/mo, and your actual phone bill with Ting could be under $20 (or less, it’s totally up to you).

You don’t have to drop over $1,000 upfront to get an awesome phone, and you don’t have to pay into the hundreds for cell phone service.

If you’re ready, why not take a look through the Ting Shop at some of the hottest phones available today, with financing options available from Affirm.

Used smartphones are a smart buying choice: bring a used phone to Ting

Used smartphones are a great option when it comes to switching to Ting. You don’t have to spend a lot for a great smartphone and you don’t have to spend a lot for a great mobile experience, by only paying for what you use.

If you’re planning to buy a refurbished device from Ting, rest assured it’ll be compatible with at least one of our two nationwide LTE networks. If you’re planning on buying elsewhere, there are a couple things you need to know before jumping the gun.

If you have a used phone in hand, hit the Ting compatibility checker to find out if your phone can come to Ting right now.

What is a good upload speed? Why upload makes all the difference

what is a good upload speed

What is a good upload speed? This post will talk about the speed most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t advertise. We’re going to cover why upload speed matters and what a bad upload speed can impact in your day-to-day Internet experience.

Ting Internet offers symmetrical gigabit Internet. That means our advertised download speeds are equal to our upload speeds. We believe the answer to the question, what is a good upload speed? is: a symmetrical one.

Family mobile phones for a family of four: plus an affordable family cell phone plan too

family mobile phones

Looking for new family mobile phones? We’re going to walk you through our top recommendations for kids, teens and parents.

Quinn and Jo are the parents of two kids, a ten-year-old and a fourteen-year-old. They’re looking for new family mobile phones.

Quinn is the tech savvier parent of the two. Jo is mostly comfortable with Mac products and likes tech that is easy to use and intuitive. Quinn likes to game, try out new apps and prefers a degree of customization. They both use their phones for taking pictures, work and personal email as well as keeping in touch with family.

How Ting cell phone financing works

Cell phone financing is different with Ting

With few exceptions, you should never accept your phone company’s cell phone financing terms.

One exception would be if your phone company is Ting. Allow us to explain.

Ting cell phone financing is different. We treat financing as a courtesy to our customers, not like a profit center. As lending practices go, this is about as non-predatory as they come.