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Rebooted phones combine retro designs with modern technology

Retro rebooted phones make great options for #tbt social media posts. Many reboots have retro styles and smartphone technology similar to what you’d get from the latest models. If you enjoy a retro look, check out these rebooted phones.

Brick phones get rebooted with a touchscreen

Brick phones were popular in the 1990s, but they fell out of fashion as people started to buy smaller flip phones. Now, a few brick phones from the past have gotten technological makeovers. The So Retro phone, for instance, has a touchscreen, fast processor, and SIM card.


The Higoo 2016 phone also combines a retro style with new technology. The rebooted option has an interesting aesthetic that you probably haven’t seen in years. It won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s an exciting option for people who appreciate the Flashback Friday style.

Five simple inventions that blew up (and made bank)

Simple inventions that made millions

That wacky, kind of silly idea for an invention you’ve been keeping on the back burner? It might just be worth millions.

Now that we have your attention, if you’re an entrepreneur, an amateur inventor or interested in making some cash, check out these crazy invention success stories. From the Slanket to the Million Dollar Homepage, these simple inventions didn’t stretch the limits of possibility. Sometimes, the most successful ventures are the simplest.

Classic TV shows and movies now streaming online

Classic TV shows

Cord cutters can stream classic TV shows and movies

Classic TV shows and movies have traditionally been somewhat hard to find. Sometimes, they would be available on DVD or VHS at your local corner store, or you could get lucky and catch a re-run or special airing on local stations.

Now, they are becoming increasingly easy to stream online. Recently, several new services have launched, which give fans of old classics access to the content they love, without breaking the bank.

Parents are conflicted when it comes to kids and cell phones

kids and cell phones

Kids and cell phones survey

Ultimately, parents agree that kids need cell phones. So what’s with all the worry?

To get some answers, we shared a digital family lifestyle survey with Ting customers in our July newsletter. 1,565 parents with children under the age of 18 who have cell phones responded to the survey.

Truth be told, we didn’t expect parents to be so conflicted on the issue of kids and cell phones. While parents generally seem to be on board that kids should have phones from a utility perspective, they’re also incredibly worried about what their kids are doing with their cell phones as well as the long-term consequences.

How to green a ski slope (environmentally speaking)

Ting SIM

Learn how PistenBully uses Ting SIM cards to provide data and save

PistenBully snow groomers are bringing a new age of tech to fleet management, snow grooming and slope maintenance across North America. Integrated into PistenBully vehicles is their unique SNOWsat technology, a professional snow and fleet management system with snow depth measurement based on satellite-guided positioning and cellular data.

Ting SIM cards integrate into the SNOWsat’s system to provide integral location data. We love to tell stories about Ting IoT customers doing more with GPS locating services than ever before and using technology to create innovative products that help their customers save money, create safer working conditions and reduce their carbon footprint.

We caught up with Josh Nelson, SNOWsat Sales Manager, to talk about the exciting ways PistenBully and their customers are using Ting.

“The vast majority (90%+) of SNOWsat ski resort customers work on Ting SIM cards. They’re using the SNOWsat system that includes the Ting SIM to really reduce their operating cost for their snow management fleets and ultimately for their skiers. It’s trickle-down savings from the start.”

The full guide to fiber Internet – download the What is fiber Internet? ebook today

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet? Download our ebook

Fiber Internet is totally different from the Internet most of us are used to. From slow and sluggish connections to bloated bandwidth, we’ve all experienced bad Internet, but what about great Internet?

We cover all the exciting stuff of fiber in our latest ebook, What is fiber Internet?

Download a copy today and learn more about the fastest Internet available today.