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What phone should I get? Why buying last year’s flagship is the smarter choice

what phone should i get

Asking yourself, “what phone should I get?” You’ve come to the right place. This article will help you make the smarter buying choice when you’re in the market for an upgrade.

Imagine you’re shopping for a new car. When you arrive at the dealership, you’ll see the shiny new 2020 models, as well as the 2019 models being offered at a fairly compelling price. You decide to testdrive one of each, and while the 2020 might have a few more bells and whistles, a lot of things are pretty much the same. Things like the engine, the safety features, and the fit, finish and feel haven’t really changed after only a year. After thinking it over, you’ll probably end up signing a contract for the 2019 model.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, you should apply the same kind of thought process as you would when buying a car.

Looking for alternatives to Cable TV? Introducing YouTube TV

alternatives to cable tv

Cut the cord by finding alternatives to cable like YouTube TV

If you’re looking for alternatives to cable TV, you’re in luck because there are a growing number of live TV streaming services in the United States. One of the newer services, YouTube TV, is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about YouTube TV.

Is Android better than iPhone? iOS vs Android: An honest look

why android is better than iphone

If you’re an avid Android user, surely you’ve thought about why Android is better than iPhone. Yes, we’re going there. Android vs iOS. It’s a topic that elicits some strong opinions. Unreasonably strong, some might argue.

First, let’s just get this out of the way: there isn’t much you can do on Android that you can’t do on iPhone and there isn’t much you can do on iPhone that you can’t do on Android. Provided you’ve got a reasonably current smartphone model, neither iOS nor Android will leave you wanting. But many Ting customers come out Team Android when it comes to Android vs iOS.

Is Android better than iPhone? You didn’t come here for vagaries. You came here to understand whether Android or iOS is the right choice for you, a human being who uses Ting or is interested in Ting.

Want to get rich quick? Set realistic short-term financial goals

short term financial goals

Okay, you might not get rich right away but when you set realistic short-term financial goals you give yourself a serious leg up when it comes to building wealth. If you’re struggling to stay in your budget every month, there are a few things you can do in the short-term to better equip your financial strategy with longevity.

Put yourself on a healthy financial track and look forward to a brighter financial future.

Our comprehensive money saving tips guide

money saving tips

Money saving tips: the ultimate guide to saving and managing money

There are a ton of ways to save money and get control of your finances. All it takes is the right mindset and budgeting skills, plus helpful tricks and money saving tips to help you stay on course.

Being smart with money doesn’t have anything to do with being cheap. It means making the right decisions to help you save, and investing that money into long-term projects, prioritizing debt payments and even saving for retirement. We’re going to show you how to be frugal, how to budget money, how to manage your money and how to create better money habits.

Ting is a great phone service for people who want to save and don’t mind making a few changes to their mobile habits to do so. You can have a phone bill that’s as little as $20/mo on Ting without sacrificing an awesome experience. If you’re looking at your current plan and thinking that savings like that could mean a lot for your budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s our ultimate money saving tips guide.

Five money lessons: teaching kids to be responsible with money

teaching kids to be responsible

Managing money is a skill you can teach kids at a very young age. Teaching kids to be responsible with money can prevent your kids from joining the masses stuck in a dangerous debt cycle or on the verge of financial disaster.

Being a good role model is a part of the process, and there are several things you can do to make sure your kids are hardwired to manage their money effectively through every stage of life. Looking for financial education for kids? Here are five essential money lessons you can teach your kids at any age.