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The kids and cellphones survey

We’ve been thinking a lot about kids and cell phones lately. Are parents worried about their kids having their own cell phones? Is phone safety top of mind for parents? Do schools have rules when it comes to cell phones?

To get some answers, we shared a digital family lifestyle survey with Ting customers in our July newsletter. 1,565 parents with children under the age of 18 who have cell phones responded to the survey. Ultimately, parents agree that kids need cell phones. Let’s take a look at the data.

Why students should never sign a cell phone contract

cell phone contract

Don’t sign another cell phone contract

There’s no doubt Ting is great for students. We offer a low cost, simple and flexible way to take control of your mobile. For those on the fence, here’s why we think students should never sign another cell phone contract again.

How to listen to free audiobooks legally

How to listen to free audiobooks

Free audiobooks

Did you know you can listen to free audiobooks? Audiobooks give you a way to “read” fiction and non-fiction while you’re involved in other activities, such as exercising or doing household chores. They’re also great for road trips and long flights. The convenience of audiobooks has contributed to the format’s growing popularity. In 2011, 11 percent of people in the United States listened to audiobooks. In 2018, 18 percent of people listen to them.

For people who get through at least one audiobook per month, offers an inexpensive way to enjoy the latest titles. At $14.95 per month, an subscription makes sense for voracious audiobook… readers? However, that expense doesn’t make sense for everyone.

So, if you want them but you don’t want to be out of pocket, you should know how to listen to free audiobooks. You’ll still get to enjoy your favorite authors, but you won’t have to spend any money.

The best educational podcasts for students

best educational podcasts

Even the best classes can leave gaps in your knowledge. Luckily, you don’t have to read all day to keep up with your peers. You can learn a lot about science, history, grammar and other topics by listening to podcasts. Start with these five titles to get useful information that will help you in school and life.

Our favorite data savings tips for students

tips for students

Tips for students going back to school

Kids heading back to school this fall? With our data saving tips for students, you don’t have to worry about your kid racking up unnecessary data charges.

On Ting, you can set caps and alerts on your kid’s phone in the Ting Dashboard and get control of their usage. But beyond that, we think conversations about responsible phone ownership are great places to start.

For students of all ages, our data saving tips can help students curb their usage. These tips and tricks were selected specifically for students with cell phones.

Small businesses can do more with fiber Internet

charlottesville small businesses
Soundwave Consulting is a digital marketing and advertising company located in the heart of Charlottesville, VA, on the Downtown Mall. Soundwave got its start in 2015 when President and Founder Justin Pietro decided it was time to open his own business.

“Before this, I played and produced music. After college, I was working in a warehouse and doing music on the side.”

Justin had an accident on the job which injured his ankle and required multiple surgeries to get him back on his feet. That meant a lot of downtime and time to spend online.

“I started marketing and advertising for myself and, over the course of time, there were a couple of bands I started to help out with. Eventually, I linked up with Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer, two of the founders of Easy Star Records, and things just snowballed from there.”