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Parents are conflicted when it comes to kids and cell phones

kids and cell phones

Kids and cell phones survey

Ultimately, parents agree that kids need cell phones. So what’s with all the worry?

To get some answers, we shared a digital family lifestyle survey with Ting customers in our July newsletter. 1,565 parents with children under the age of 18 who have cell phones responded to the survey.

Truth be told, we didn’t expect parents to be so conflicted on the issue of kids and cell phones. While parents generally seem to be on board that kids should have phones from a utility perspective, they’re also incredibly worried about what their kids are doing with their cell phones as well as the long-term consequences.

How to green a ski slope (environmentally speaking)

Ting SIM

Learn how PistenBully uses Ting SIM cards to provide data and save

PistenBully snow groomers are bringing a new age of tech to fleet management, snow grooming and slope maintenance across North America. Integrated into PistenBully vehicles is their unique SNOWsat technology, a professional snow and fleet management system with snow depth measurement based on satellite-guided positioning and cellular data.

Ting SIM cards integrate into the SNOWsat’s system to provide integral location data. We love to tell stories about Ting IoT customers doing more with GPS locating services than ever before and using technology to create innovative products that help their customers save money, create safer working conditions and reduce their carbon footprint.

We caught up with Josh Nelson, SNOWsat Sales Manager, to talk about the exciting ways PistenBully and their customers are using Ting.

“The vast majority (90%+) of SNOWsat ski resort customers work on Ting SIM cards. They’re using the SNOWsat system that includes the Ting SIM to really reduce their operating cost for their snow management fleets and ultimately for their skiers. It’s trickle-down savings from the start.”

The full guide to fiber Internet – download the What is fiber Internet? ebook today

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet? Download our ebook

Fiber Internet is totally different from the Internet most of us are used to. From slow and sluggish connections to bloated bandwidth, we’ve all experienced bad Internet, but what about great Internet?

We cover all the exciting stuff of fiber in our latest ebook, What is fiber Internet?

Download a copy today and learn more about the fastest Internet available today.

Our favorite study apps to research, organize and prepare for tests

study apps

Going back to school? Get the best study apps

Up your after class game with these nifty study apps. We’ve picked some of our favorites for getting organized, mastering languages, creating flashcards, doing research and brushing up on your math.

Think of these study apps for students as helpful aids. Supplement your Spanish class with Duolingo, check your homework with Photomath and research your next psychology project with TED’s massive library of Talks.

Ting’s thoughts on the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger

T-Mobile and Sprint mergerWe’ve fielded some questions around the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger. We haven’t said too much because it’s a process. That process is now at a place where we can share our thoughts on the subject in more detail.

Consider this post the tl;dr of our 12-page letter to the FCC on the subject. We’re generally supportive of the proposed merger provided three main points are recognized and addressed. We also have some caveats and cautionary tales to share.

This post got pretty long itself, so here are those three central points in a more digestible format:

MVNOs like Ting, Google Fi, Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular and others are the ones driving innovation, keeping prices down and service levels up. They need to be protected, especially if the “Big Four” carriers are to become three.

eSIM and other technology and standards allow Americans to take the cell phones that they own to any carrier they choose. The public demand for just this kind of innovation in device portability needs to be heard and honored if a merger is to be approved.

Canadian cell phone service sucks. Mostly because of an anti-competitive three carrier, no challengers system. Service is inflexible and expensive because no one has any reason to make it anything different. Americans would be fools not to heed this warning.

Instagram giveaway! Win one of three Moto back-to-school prize packs

instagram giveaway

Back-to-school Instagram giveaway

Need some gear for going back to school? Are you on Instagram? Head over to our Ting page and enter our Back to School Instagram giveaway.

We’re giving away some Moto prize packs filled with gear and swag. Enter before September 5 to be considered for our draw.