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Hey TPO customers, welcome to Ting.

TPO customers

Hey TPO customers. We’re Ting. Pleased to meet you.

As you will have heard, TPO is closing its North American mobile business. This isn’t quite the intro we’d hoped to have but we’re really glad you’re here. We’ve worked hard with the TPO team to make sure your migration over to Ting is as smooth and seamless as possible. Your phone number and TPO balance are safe on Ting. We’re also offering $50 in Ting credit to get you started.

Your phone number is yours. If you don’t want to use Ting, you need to make arrangements to move your number to a new carrier within 30 days of the first email TPO sent today, November 27, announcing the shutdown

With that said, we’re happy you’re here and we’re excited for you to see what smarter mobile can do and how much you can save with Ting.

Your best #smartermobile data saving tips

If you’re a Philip DeFranco fan, you probably know that he’s a friend of Ting. Last month, he asked his Twitter followers to share their best data-saving tips for a chance to win $100 in Ting credit. Using the hashtag #smartermobile, we saw some great responses from users. If you’d like to lower your mobile data usage (and subsequently your monthly phone bill with Ting), here are some useful selections of the bunch:

Lower mobile data usage and save on your cell phone bill

save on mobile data

Ting is the phone provider that helps you lower your mobile data and save money

There are many different ways to reduce smartphone mobile data usage without having to limit yourself or switch up your smartphone routine. At Ting, we only charge people for what they actually use. That means the less you use, the less you pay. And you can save even more when you restrict your mobile data usage.

There are data saving toggles and features in popular apps (including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) that help you cut your mobile data use. There are also controls built right into your smartphone operating system to do the same.

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile dataThe more you connect to Wi-Fi on Ting, the more you save. We encourage people to lower their monthly mobile bills by cutting and controlling their mobile data use. You can spend less than $20 per month for one phone with Ting. It all comes down to lowering your mobile data use.
Take a look at our broad list of articles that will help you lower your cellular data usage. If you’re with a pay for what you use provider like Ting, this means a lower monthly bill.

Comprehensive guides

Check out some of our longer-form articles that will teach you everything you need to know about smartphone mobile data.

From the basics to the bonus features, the guides below have it all.

Android iconiPhone iconGet the free Cut Your Data ebook to reduce mobile data usage

Android iconiPhone iconDo more with your smartphone without paying more for data

Android iconiPhone iconSix simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Android iconiPhone iconSix (more) simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Our Black Friday sale featuring Moto E4 Plus, Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7 and more

Black Friday

We’ve counted down all week long and our Black Friday deals are finally here. Have we got some great deals for you in the Ting Shop.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, or if you’re looking to score some free service from Ting, now’s the best time to check out the Shop.

The Ting Black Friday sale is coming soon: here’s a sneak peek

ting black friday

Wondering what we’ll have on sale in the Ting Shop this Black Friday? This blog post is our Black Friday sneak peek, where you can take a look at the deals to come later this week. Ting cell phones for sale are coming soon to the Shop for Black Friday 2018.

We’ll have deals on more phones, not just the three below, but if you were hoping for a brand new iPhone or Google Pixel XL on sale, or an awesome deal from Motorola, you’re going to love what’s coming soon to the Ting Shop.

What are the worst gifts ever? Results from our holiday shopping survey.

Worst gifts ever

The worst gifts ever: holiday edition!

Ah, the holidays. It brings out the best in the worst gift-givers among us. From regifted socks to fruitcake, you truly can’t make this stuff up.

In October, Ting released a holiday shopping survey, where one of the last questions was: Have you ever received a truly terrible holiday gift? For those that answered Yes, we gave them the opportunity to vent a little and tell us about the gift in question.