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Personal mobile for Anne


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Anne lives in Maryland and has been a Ting customer for over a year. She currently saves about $20 per month as compared with her previous plan. Anne was in the market for mobile because she was transitioning off her parents’ family plan.

“After years of not even coming close to using up the texts, data and minutes I had on my parents’ plan, I really liked the idea of paying for what you use. I definitely wanted to try Ting.”

Anne was initially drawn to Ting’s dynamic pricing structure and pay what you use model. Today, she’s impressed with our customer support.

“With Ting, I felt like I could trust the service I would get because the company is small and has a simple pitch: pay for what you use and nothing else. All the inquiries I’ve made over phone or chat have been so positive. The customer service staff are excellent!”

Anne uses her smartphone for surfing the web, connecting over social media and email for work. She sticks to Wi-Fi when she can and opts for messenger apps over texting.

“With Ting, there’s no gimmicks or weird fees. Just a simple phone plan that you get to be in control of every month.”