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Phone addiction? Tips to help you use your phone less

phone addiction

Ways to cut back on screen time

Smartphones are impressive little tools that help us stay connected, but sometimes they seem to do the exact opposite.

We’ve all seen that family out in the world. You know the one, everyone glued to their screens, barely talking to each other. Maybe (sometimes?) it’s even our own family.

Want to use your phone less and beat the mobile phone addiction? Have a look through these tips and tricks for decreasing screen time, increasing quality time and even reducing your bill along the way.

On Ting, you pay for what you use, so what’s the harm in a little less phone time?

Battling phone addiction? Apps to the rescue

phone addiction


Checky is a nifty app that audits your phone use. Download Checky on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It’s a simple idea. Checky logs how many times you check your phone and where you check it.


You might be surprised by your result but the good news is, now you know. You can start to track your checks and keep your number low.

phone addiction


Moment is like Checky with some helpful additions. Moment lets you monitor your phone use and then set limits. The app notifies you when you go over your cap.

Moment has a family version that lets you track how much family members use their iPhone and iPad devices. You can set specific times where everyone has to be screen free and set limits so you don’t use your devices too much.

You can download Checky for iOS. If you’re looking for Android, you can sign up to get notified as soon as Moment is available for your phone.

Just say no to notifications

Free yourself from messages, reminders, emails and voicemails that don’t need your immediate attention by limiting your notifications. Cut unnecessary and distracting buzzes, pings and alerts out of your day.

On iPhone

1. Open Settings and then Notifications
2. Open individual app
3. Toggle Allow Notifications off or set specific preferences for individual apps

On Android

1. Open Settings
2. Open Device and then Manage Apps
3. From here, manage any app’s notifications

A Wi-Fi-only diet

Limiting data isn’t as hard as you think. Especially when most of us spend the majority of our day with access to Wi-Fi at work, home or school. Ting lets you control your use right from your dashboard. You can set limits and caps on your minutes, messages and data, and even set alerts for when you or a phone on your account is approaching those limits.

Be like John

John Elliott is a Ting customer and lives with his wife and son in Ohio. Here’s what he has to say about switching his smartphone to Wi-Fi only and not using data.

“With Ting, I turn off mobile data and simply connect to Wi-Fi at work or at home, which is where I spend 90% of my time. I didn’t expect that to be much of a sacrifice and it isn’t. When I’m not on Wi-Fi I find that I don’t miss having access to my phone as much as I thought I would. I’ve become more present when going out to dinner.”

Download the free Ting Cut Your Data ebook today to get a comprehensive guide on cutting your data. Don’t forget to download it over Wi-Fi.