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Ting donates to Planet Water Foundation on behalf of TPO customers

Planet Water donation

When TPO announced they were closing, we promised that, in the spirit of TPO, we’d donate $10 to Planet Water Foundation for every customer who made the move to Ting.

On TPO, customers were able to set aside a portion of their bill to be paid to a charity of their choice. We chose Planet Water Foundation because it was one of the most popular organizations among TPO customers.

Ting is proud to announce that we’re donating $50,000 to Planet Water Foundation, to support the good work they do to bring clean water to communities around the world through better access and hygiene education.

About Planet Water Foundation

Planet Water Foundation is a US non-profit dedicated to alleviating the global water crisis by bringing clean water access to the world’s most impoverished countries.

With a focus on sustainability, Planet Water Foundation provides system training on the water access solutions they bring, along with water-health and hygiene education. Planet Water Foundation sees meaningful change in the communities where they work, by involving local stakeholders throughout their deployment process, and conducting sustainability visits to ensure water quality meets standards.

One in 10 people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water and 50 percent of hospital beds on earth are occupied by people with easily preventable waterborne diseases. Ting’s donation on behalf of our TPO customers will help Planet Water Foundation on their mission to alleviate waterborne illnesses and disease by providing clean drinking water access and hygiene education.

Thanks to TPO customers who made the move

Thanks to you, Ting is donating over $50,000 to this good cause. We’re proud that such community-spirited people have made the choice to move to Ting. We wouldn’t be making this donation without you.

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What is Ting Mobile anyway?

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