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Real human customer support from Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile's real human customer support

Ask any Ting Mobile customer why they love their service provider so much, and you’ll probably get a few answers. Insanely low phone bills, the same or better coverage than expensive major service providers and no contracts or commitments are sure to be among them. There’s also a reply you may be surprised to hear regarding a cell company: great customer support. At Ting Mobile, we pride ourselves on our top-rated, human customer support. When you call, email or live chat, you’ll always be greeted in short order, not by a recording, but by an actual human being ready to help. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? We understand; we might have just a wee bit of motivation to toot our own horn. So how about we see what real Ting customers have to say? Tammy M loves that there are “no automated menus to go through, just a knowledgeable support team that makes things easy to understand.” Lyndon S, meanwhile, loves that our support agents are “super friendly and eager to help.”

Even when it actually happens to them, some customers have to pinch themselves after being quickly connected to a real, live person. Here are some of our support team’s favorite reactions.

  • Customers pressing zero, assuming the support agent’s greeting is the start of the main menu.
  • “Wait… are you a real person?”
  • “Oh my God, you sounded so eloquent, ‘That’s a great recording!’ was my first thought.”
  • “Woah! You scared the crap out of me. I wasn’t expecting someone to pick up so fast!”

The combination of our friendly agents and our awesome customers, meanwhile, allows for live chats like this one:

A fun customer support live chat

So in short, if you’d like to experience mobile customer support from knowledgeable, in-house trained, friendly (and occasionally hilarious) agents that you’ll be connected to in mere moments, Ting Mobile is the way to go. Of course, if you really enjoy pressing buttons at the behest of a robot voice and then sitting around listening to a muzak version of “The Girl from Ipanema” our agents can make that happen too.¹

Ting Mobile offers a smarter, more human way to do mobile service. We have a variety of plans designed to save you money, no matter what type of phone user you are. We partner with major carriers so you won’t sacrifice coverage, and we don’t do contracts so you’re free to go as you please. If all that plus unparalleled customer support sounds good to you, why not see if your phone can come to Ting Mobile as a first step?

1. May depend on agent. Some of our team members prefer heavy metal.