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Refer a Friend, get Ting swag and maybe win a Nexus 5

referafriend-emailWhen you refer a friend to Ting, everyone wins. Until the end of April though, every successful referral earns you an entry into a prize draw to win a Nexus 5 too (congrats to the lucky winner, Jason D). Plus, we’re sweetening the pot with some brand new Ting swag.

When you share your unique referral link, you offer your friends $25 off a new device or as Ting credit. You get $50 in Ting credit for your first ever successful referral and $25 for each subsequent referral. This structure remains in place in April. We’re just throwing in some awesome extras. Think of the following as little thank you gifts.
ting sweater1

With your third successful referral in April:

Get a sweet Ting crew neck sweater. Ting sweaters are high quality, dark grey affairs with the Ting text logo relief stitched on the front. We promise, it’s not the kind of corporate swag that you’ll be embarrassed to wear in public.

The Ting crew neck is also brand new for 2014. While you could conceivably run into someone at a party wearing a 2013 Ting hoodie, the odds of you having that potentially embarrassing shared wardrobe experience while sporting a Ting crew neck are greatly diminished.

With your sixth successful referral in April:

windbreakerGet an awesome Ting windbreaker in addition to your crew neck sweater so you can get that layered Ting promotional gear look. According to just about every fashion magazine, it’s the hot trend for Spring 2014.

Not only does the Ting windbreaker break wind shield you from inclement weather, it looks good while doing it.


Get going!

We provide the tools that make introducing your friends to Ting and making the case for switching easy.

  • The Ting savings calculator lets friends input details from a few bills to get a detailed breakdown of what they’d pay with Ting, how much they’d save in a month and over the course of a couple of years.
  • The Ting rates page clearly breaks down how Ting rates work and reinforces the point that a bundled or “unlimited” plan is too often a sucker’s bet.
  • Videos in the Ting YouTube channel break down how Ting’s simple approach is different from the confusing tactics of just about every other carrier out there.

You’ll find your unique Refer a Friend URL and some tools to get started in sharing it far and wide in your Ting account control panel.

This promotion runs from 12:00am ET on April 7 through 11:59pm ET on April 30.

Ting Refer a Friend promotion FAQ

What constitutes a “successful referral?”

For a referral to be successful, the person you’re referring needs to activate a device on Ting (whether bought or brought) using a promo code that is activated by visiting your unique URL.

I still get Ting credit for referrals, right?

Absolutely. $50 for your first ever referral and $25 for every single subsequent referral. We’re adding to the referral process in April, not substituting or taking anything away.

Does my friend need to buy a device?

Not necessarily. People you refer need to activate a device on Ting to be considered a “successful” referral. Whether that’s a device they buy from Ting, a Nexus 5 they get from the Google Play store, a used, inactive Sprint* device they already own or one they purchase used from Amazon, eBay or similar is immaterial.

If your friend buys a new device from Ting, your referral URL gives them $25 off the sticker price. If they buy used or refurbished or bring a compatible device from somewhere else, they’ll receive $25 in Ting credit.

How do I know if my referral was successful?

You’ll receive an email when a friend activates a device using your referral code. Also, the referral section of your Ting account dashboard keeps a running tally of your successful referrals and the amount of Ting credit you have.

What if I referred someone before the deadline but they didn’t activate in time?

Activations need to happen by 11:59pm ET on April 30 to be counted in this promotion. You will, of course, still get Ting credit for referrals completed after this time. However, you will not receive entries into the Nexus 5 draw or toward the Ting swag referral levels.

Do Ting referral credits expire?

No. Ting credits are applied to your Ting bill or to a device purchase until they are exhausted. Unused credits do not expire unless you close your Ting account.

Do I have to fill out a form or something?

Not now, but maybe later. Entries into the Nexus 5 draw and referral credit being applied to your account are both automatic processes and you don’t need to do anything. However, if you achieve three or six referrals, we’ll need to know what size sweater and / or windbreaker you’d like. We’ll be in touch to get these details at the close of the promotional period.

How do I get my Ting swag?

We’ll send it out to you. Please allow a couple of weeks after the close of the referral promotion for delivery.

How will the Nexus 5 winner be notified?

As it turns out, we know Ting customer’s phone numbers and email addresses. We’ll be in touch with the winner directly.