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Our remap Bixby button S8 Ting Tip

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As far as assistants go, Bixby seems to be one of the less popular options out there. If you love your Samsung Galaxy S8, but hate Bixby, here’s a Bixby button remapper you might want to try.

With the Bixby Button Remapper app | Android | you can change your Bixby button action to a new shortcut. You can open another app, open the camera app or even turn your flashlight on. Remap Bixby button to Google Assistant or disable the Bixby button completely. It’s entirely up to you.

How to reassign your Bixby button

We tried this on the new Note9 and it didn’t work (it looks like Samsung really wants you to use that Bixby button), but it worked fine on our Galaxy S8. Aside, learn why we think the Galaxy S8 is a top pick for older kids.

Here’s our remap Bixby button S8 power tip.

Step 1: Enable the app

First things first, you’ll have to allow the app to detect when the Bixby button has been pressed. Open the app and toggle Enable on. The app will send you over to Accessibility Settings to enable the app.

remap bixby button s8

Step 2: Select Bixby Remapper (Less Delay)

You’ll see two options, More Stable mode and Less Delay mode. According to the app developers, More Stable will not impede device performance and Less Delay mode uses more processing power.

We chose Less Delay, but you can use whichever option you prefer. Toggle this permission on.

remap bixby button s8

Step 3: Remap the Bixby button

Navigate back to the app and tap Bixby Button Action. A list will open with various action options. We chose to remap to the camera.

remap bixby button s8

Step 4: Use your new action

Take it for a spin.

remap bixby button s8

Does the app work on your Samsung phone?

Let us know in the comments.

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