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Phone cases and accessories to give your phone a retro feel

Retro phone cases - example of a phone case that looks like an old camera

Retro is all the rage right now and it’s not surprising that people are looking back to a time that was… well… pre-2020. This reminiscing got us thinking about all the tech that we used to love, which got us looking to incorporate some of those aesthetics into our lives without sacrificing any of the benefits of modern technology. And we’ve found a way! Retro phone cases and accessories.

Retro game phone cases

Every 1990s kid coveted a Gameboy. Released in 1989, Gameboy came bundled with Tetris, a retro sensation in its own right.

As technology advanced however, our Gameboys were left to rest in drawers… or perhaps listed on Ebay to tempt a retro collector. For many of us though, the Gameboy with its green and black dot-matrix screen will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Gameboy-inspired retro phone cases don’t just add a chic look, they’re also playable. Granted, you could just flip your phone around and play a much better version of the same, or another much more advanced, game. But where’s the fun in that? 

A phone case that looks like an old Gameboy.
Image credit: Mermaid

If you’re interested, we’d advise shopping now before Nintendo hard drops a legal case. Nintendo takes its IP very seriously… and it filed a patent (probably protectionist, don’t expect to see an official Gameboy case for smartphones) back in 2018.

Vintage camera phone cases

Before our phones came with 15 different lenses, there were these things called cameras that had the sole function of taking photos. Pretty crazy right? 

Some of these cameras, particularly the more vintage ones, were rather beautiful and their look makes for great retro phone cases.

An iPhone case that looks like a vintage camera
Image credit: Redbubble

Not only will these cases make your phone look sleeker, at a distance you may be able to fool people into thinking that you’re a sophisticated photographer who uses words like “chromatic aberration,” “hyperfocal distance” and “lensal cratering”.

(Psst… we made one of those up. Do you know which?)

Nintendo Phone Cases

Maybe you weren’t a Gameboy kinda person. Maybe NES was more your speed. 

Or maybe, you were like us and just loved both.

Whatever your story, we’ve found some rather fabulous phone cases that’ll allow you to show off your love of the classic Nintendo gaming systems while protecting your phone (to the extent that a $20 phone case from will actually protect your phone).

There are phone cases out there that are designed to look like the classic NES system controller, as well as ones for the SNES fans.

An iPhone case that looks like a SNES controller
Image credit:

As you’ve probably worked out by the image, these cases don’t have functionality in the same way that the Gameboy case does. But hey, no one is going to judge you if you want to tap away on the buttons. 

Retro handsets 

Sure, mobile phones are great. They’re light, they fit right in your pocket and you can connect them to Bluetooth headsets that allow you to talk hands-free. That said, we miss the days of wrapping our landline’s cord around our fingers.

Well, our next accessory lets you do just that by giving your new phone that retro feel with its cord and handset.*

A retro, corded, blue telephone handset that plugs into a phone's headphone jack.
Image credit:

Sadly, this accessory doesn’t come with a receiver, which means no slamming down after heated phone calls. Honestly, that makes up 90% of the reason that we’d consider buying one of these.

*Okay, so when we said “new phone” that may have been a little misleading. Given that many phone manufacturers have decided that a headphone jack is itself an outdated technology (thanks again guys), this accessory could be seen as doubly retro. 

Retro TV phone cases and Bluetooth speakers

If there’s one thing that absolutely everybody who has ever watched a video on their phone has thought, it’s “Boy, I wish I could have the exact same viewing experience, but on a retro TV.”

No? Just us? 

Dang, well then you’ll probably be slightly less excited by this phone holder than we are.

A phone holder, with a phone inside it, that is designed to look like a miniature retro TV set.
Image credit:

Not only do these retro TV phone cases allow you to prop up and watch your videos on your phone, while providing you with the retro aesthetic, they also function as Bluetooth speakers.

This will leave you with an experience that is exactly like watching a tiny TV… in the 1960s.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for.

Making the case for Ting Mobile

Retro phone cases and accessories can be a lot of fun, and they can certainly leave you feeling good about your phone. High phone bills, uncaring customer service and patchy coverage, however, can have quite the opposite effect. 

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