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Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs: let’s take a look

Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs

Let’s talk Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs

Samsung’s billing the Note9 as the “world’s most powerful smartphone.” Is it really worth the title? We’ll let you decide.

In this post, we’ll dive into the Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs and see what they reveal. You can also check out our Facebook video on the Note9’s standout features.

Note9 price – is it worth it?

As far as price tags go, this one’s a biggie. Right up there with iPhone X and Pixel 2, Samsung’s upgraded flagship weighs in at $999.

Truth be told, as good as smartphones get these days, you can grab one in the sub $300 price range. That’s pretty impressive, but if you’re looking for a phone with a really cutting-edge display, a cool stylus and some serious power, this might be the phone for you. But more on that later.

S Pen specs – a pretty smart pen

Samsung Galaxy Note9 specsSamsung fans will be glad to hear that the new and improved S Pen is more than just a stylus. You can use S Pen to activate your Note9 camera and even control the camera remotely. Selfie aficionados, take note. Launch the camera app with a long press on the S Pen button, short press to switch to selfie mode and take a photo with two presses.

S Pen can be paired with devices and used for slideshows and presentations, which makes this an awesome phone for professionals on the go. Or, you know, professional selfie takers.

Note9 camera set – an intelligent experience

Now, let’s talk about the camera set. Hard spec wise, we’re looking at a dual 12-megapixel rear camera that, on the surface, is identical to the Note8. The only major difference is the new f/1.5 aperture for low lighting.

The major difference appears to be in the intelligent sensors. Galaxy Note9 comes with Flaw Detection and intelligently detects blinks, blurs, smudged lenses and backlighting. The app lets you know when your picture is off so you can make adjustments and reshoot.

Samsung will have its own AR Emoji feature so users can create their own avatar and express themselves with facial sensory software. Samsung is also partnering with Disney so you can use AR emoji to chat as your favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Mr. Incredible.

Note9 display – bold and beautiful

The Galaxy Note9 display is undeniably beautiful. It’s 6.5 inches and runs edge-to-edge like the Note8 before it. It’s super AMOLED and has the same 8.5:9 aspect ratio and 2,960×1,440 resolution as the Note8.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 specs

AMOLED makes a nice difference visually; blacks are deep and colors are punchy. To our eye, it’s one of the brighter displays out there.

Note9 body and battery – balancing aesthetic for practicality

Samsung Galaxy Note9 specsThe Note9 weighs in a bit heavier than the Note8 before it, but in terms of footprint, it’s the same size. The fingerprint scanner has been repositioned and sits under the rear cameras and the bezels are slimmer than its predecessor.

For $999, you’d expect a premium look and feel, and the Galaxy Note9 doesn’t disappoint. The aluminum frame sits between Gorilla Glass panels.

Samsung’s also introduced a water-carbon cooling system in the Note9 to protect against overheating. What’s more, the big 4,000mAh battery will help with longer performance time.

Should I stick with Note8 or wait for Note9?

Asking yourself should I get the Note9? If you’re a Note8 user, you probably don’t need to upgrade, to be fair, but if you’re using an older model and want to see what the latest premium smartphone can do, the Note9 might be for you.

For some, the smart, professional S Pen could be a huge selling feature and others will be impressed with the intelligent sensors in the camera set. All in all, it’s a gorgeous phone in the flagship range.

Smartphones keep getting smarter but we’re still holding out for something that really breaks the mold.