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Samsung Galaxy SIII giveaway winner:
Bill Butt

When we first added the Samsung Galaxy SIII to the Ting lineup and offered it up for pre-order, we said we’d give away two Galaxy SIIIs across from among the first 200 pre-orders across all color and capacity variations. Well, we did just that; the first name drawn was William Butt, Bill to his friends. Since we’re all friends here, Bill it is.

We asked Bill if he’d be willing to do a quick Q&A with us. He obliged because he’s a nice guy.

Where did you first hear about Ting? Why did you choose to make the switch?

I was looking for a really good way to drastically cut my cell phone bill. My son, who follows all things tech, suggested that I look into Ting. I would say that I switched for two reasons: 1) to save money and 2) it made sense. I read the Ting blog from beginning to end (ed: That’s what I like to hear!), ran the numbers, and I saw that Ting is a different kind of phone company. In a two year time period I will cut my cell phone bill to a quarter of what it was even with buying the phone outright.

Did you run the numbers on how long it would take to save the equivalent of the SIII purchase price before buying? How long would it have taken?

The difference between my old provider using their lease to own (ed: Love this. A great way to look at subsidized devices and contracts.) and Ting’s owning the phone outright from day one was only $350. That is two or three months of savings to pay for the phone on an individual case. My apple to apple comparison of my old provider and Ting is something like going from $183/month before taxes to $45/ month using two years of cell phone usage. Stretch that out over two years, and you are talking some serious saving coming my way by changing to Ting.

How is the Galaxy SIII working out for you so far?

The Galaxy SIII is great. It’s light years ahead of my old phone that is only 2½ years old. The phone has lots of pros. There are too many to list here without any obvious cons. Folks just have to get one of these phones and unleash it on the Ting network. They will never be sorry. Plus, it is a bonus when the wife likes her new Samsung Galaxy SIII too.

What are you going to do with your new found fortune?

Pay the cable bill, would Ting be thinking about entering the cable TV Market? My cable company does not think like Ting does. Their bills are like my old cell phone provider, bad.

How do you explain Ting to your friends and family?

My change to Ting gives me more services for less money; you cannot beat that.

Thanks for taking the time, Bill. We appreciate it.