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Samsung Galaxy SIII giveway winner:
Christopher Blunden

We promised refunds from among the first 200 pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy SIII when we first made it available on Ting. The response was a huge spike in device sales and proof positive that we’d put a challenging device period behind us.

Recently we had a chat with Bill Butt about his win. Now it’s Christopher Blunden’s turn to speak his piece.

Thanks for taking the time, Christopher. We appreciate it and we’re glad you’re loving the SIII and Ting service so far. We also appreciate your restraint in not plugging your own web site. Heck, you didn’t even mention it. Allow us:
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Where did you first hear about Ting? Why did you choose to make the switch?

I have an Internet radio and earphone by the bed I use to listen Leo Laporte’s day-later podcasts of This Week in Tech (TWIT) various shows. What he said made sense. “When it comes to billing plans for smart devices, these folks at Ting got it right.” (ed: This is just one of the reasons we love Leo and his TWIT network.)

Prior to this, I always bragged about having the “smartest” data plan, then pulled out my Motorola v557 flip phone with the retired Cingular logo stamped on the bottom and said, “Zero, I have none.”

I had looked at plan upgrades for a long time through phone company competitors and at Costco, and realized after about a year with Ting, the ongoing savings kick in. I waited several months until you offered the phone I wanted, the SIII, and combined with a $50 promo savings you honored, I finally went ahead.

Did you run the numbers on how long it would take to save the equivalent of the SIII purchase price before buying?

Yes, and even with bundling plan offers, it still made better sense to me to invest in Ting.

How long would it have taken?

I have access to a wired desktop and a wireless laptop I use all day for work, so calculating my potential data usage using a mobile smart device in answer to your question is inexact. Being a baby-boomer in my “extremely late 40’s” I’ve always used computers daily since the pre-DOS CP/M days. I recently read that using a smart phone as a telephone is less than 5% of actual usage, and that most usage is as a mobile computing device. While engaging in one of my work skills (doing voice-overs for App developers) I’ve discovered new uses for these devices that never existed. I know I’ll be applying some of these Apps to my benefit. I also realized Ting was the most economical way for me to learn to use the device in new ways as a mobile computer at my own pace in wireless settings and to then apply that learning when on the go.

How is the Galaxy SIII working out for you so far?

It’s like walking into a Disneyland for the first time. I’ve had an iPod Touch 4 (64 GB) for two years (what Steve Jobs called, “The iPhone without the phone” which has always amazed me, but decided to enter Androidland to compare. Check back in 6 months.

What are you going to do with your new found fortune?

[Christopher] Upgrade the internet speed for my desktop.

How do you explain Ting to your friends and family?

The data plan where you only pay for what you use. And they actually answer their phone.