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Save your business money…
or get really good at foosball

Scenario one: Your business sees the potential of saving a lot of money by switching to Ting. The office is filled with the sound of voices raised together in joyous song.

Scenario two: You realize you’re already getting the best mobile deal for your business. We give you a sweet foosball table. The office is filled with the sound of plinking balls, spinning plastic players and the occasional profanity for good measure.

Either way, you win.

Today, we’re launching a new promotion just for businesses with six or more devices on a single account with one of the major carriers. Send us three recent bills and we’ll run an in-depth analysis and get back to you on what (or, I guess, whether) you’d save with Ting.

If you would not save with Ting, we will ship you a brand new foosball table.

It should go without saying that this all comes with no obligation whatsoever.

The math we’ll use is pretty straight-forward. We compare what you paid the past three months to what you would pay on Ting with the exact same number of devices and the exact same usage (voice, data and text).

If you discover that you would save money with Ting, we’ll sweeten the pot further by offering:

  • $50 off a first device purchase or as Ting credit if you bring your own device
  • $10 credit for every device you activate on your Ting account in perpetuity
  • 25% of your early termination fee (ETF) up to $75 per device if you’re stuck in a contract
  • Help selling any existing devices that you cannot bring to Ting
  • An extra 30% of those proceeds in Ting credit to help you buy equivalent Ting-compatible devices

How businesses save with Ting

Individuals with a single device on Ting save money simply because they’re no longer overpaying for unlimited or for a huge amount of service they may not use each month. The same logic extends to businesses too, just on a larger scale.

On Ting, all devices on an account draw from a single usage pool and the more you use, the better the rate per individual minute, message or megabyte of data gets. Economies of scale. If your business exceeds the XL bucket for minutes, messages or megabytes, rates switch over to very reasonable per-unit pricing.

      • 1.9¢ per voice minute
      • ¼¢ per text message
      • 1¼¢ per megabyte of data

Perhaps the biggest differentiator for accounts with multiple devices, though, is Ting’s $6 monthly fee per active device. Line fees on the major carriers can easily run upwards of $35 per device per month. At 6 or more devices, that alone can make a huge difference.

Let our business valet team run a savings calculation just for your business. While you probably won’t end up getting a foosball table out of the deal, you can buy your own with what you’d save.