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Self-serve help is getting a little simpler

As we mentioned in our most recent Ting update, change is a comin’ and it’s coming in the form of an enhanced help site.

When we created our help site, and more specifically our Knowledge Base, it was early days. We didn’t really know you, our customers, very well at all at that point. We made our best guesses as to what kind of information you’d want and how you’d go about looking for it.

Now that we’ve gotten to know you a little better, we’ve realized that some of our guesses missed the mark. This is us correcting our aim.

The goal is to maintain much of the helpful information that’s currently in our help site but to make it easier to find the relevant info you need. We’re also updating the look and feel of so that it more closely mirrors the experience you get on the main Ting site.

One upcoming feature that we’re pretty excited about is the article date setting; rather than seeing when a help article was created (which, let’s face it, doesn’t inspire confidence when the creation date was two years ago), you’ll see when it was last updated. You’ll also have more control over formatting your Community Forum posts and comments.

As we move along in this process we’ll post more about what changes, both cosmetic and functional, you can expect. The first step in this overhaul, however, is reorganizing the existing content into some new categories and forums (or sections) that make more sense.

As we’ve become better acquainted with you (maybe even friendly?), one of the things that we’ve realized is that our content perhaps isn’t organized in the most sensible and intuitive way. So, we’ve created new categories and sections to help you get to where you need to go. You’ll still have the option to just enter what you want to find in a search box, but we’ve tried to make the location of any given piece of information more logical. We even applied some science (!) to that process by having folks who know very little about Ting try to find and organize content.

We’re also taking this time to archive stuff that you’re not using so that it doesn’t clutter your search results when you are trying to find relevant information. Apparently you no longer need so many articles on how to use Android 2.3; who knew?

The help site is a constantly evolving piece of our support and we absolutely appreciate the feedback that we get in your comments and our other interactions with you. It helps us focus our efforts as we add, update and delete information.

We really hope you like this new organization as well as the other changes to come.