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Set a benchmark for your Ting savings — and other new stuff!

We’d love to know how much you’re saving since switching to Ting, so we’ve created a way for you to share those dollars and cents sense. We already know somewhere around 98% of families and small businesses could save money by switching to Ting. While we could statistically guess how much folks have saved since switching — and we are always hearing from Ting customers on Facebook and Twitter about crazy amounts of money that they’re saving — we’ve never had a smart way to compile all of that into real numbers, until now.

The next time you head over to your Ting account, you might just see a little drawer slide down from the top asking if you’d like to share your savings with us (or you can also click here if you’re as excited as we are and want to share some numbers right away).

Ting Game of PhonesWe’re still planning what we’ll do with all this data, though. A Ting Savers Leaderboard? (Someone proposed a Game of Thrones Phones.) Some sort of prize each month for the Ting customer who saves the most? A personalized reminder of just how much you’ve saved since switching to Ting? Maybe an option to donate some portion of your savings to charity?

Those are just a few of our ideas, but we’d love to hear yours (after all, it’s your money). After you share your savings, please share your ideas in the comments below! When we launched Ting, our goal was simple, straightforward rates backed by friendly customer service and no-nonsense tools. The fact that so many folks are saving by switching to Ting is one of the many reasons we love what we get to do — and we hope you’re so happy about it that you’ll head over and tell us how it’s going right this very second.

Share your savings with us before next Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 11:59pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time and you might be one of five folks randomly selected to get a cool $50 in Ting credit. Which is sort of like an extra $50 in savings, no? (We’ll choose five winners by the end of the day on Monday and email you if you happen to be one of the winners. If you’re one of the winners, we’ll also share your first name, savings, and city and state here on this blog post and through our social media channels.)

So, what else have we been up to?

Ting mobile web dashboardMobile site dashboard
We know you’ve been waiting for this, and we’re happy to say you can now access your Ting account dashboard via our mobile site. Our mobile apps remain the best route to keep track of your current usage and to manage your devices, but if you’re in a pinch, you’ll now find an optimized the dashboard for mobile browsers.

Live chat for the Ting Shop and Ting for Business pages
Live chat has been a hit for new and existing Ting customers, but when we launched this new option a few weeks ago, there were a few quirks that prevented things from working beautifully on the Ting Shop and Ting for Business pages. We’ve cleared up those issues, and you can now chat away!

Random updates around the site

  • In addition to the new mobile site account dashboard, we’ve fixed a few small mobile site bugs that were lurking around. In particular, some strange formatting and unusual line breaks should now be a thing of the past.
  • The frequently asked questions for the Glyde swap program now reflect the fact that the promotion will be ongoing. How’s that for good news?
  • The frequently asked questions on the Ting Shop were updated to provide greater clarity around our shipping options and methods. Hope this helps straighten out those FedEx versus USPS uncertainties.
  • You’ll find new “author” pages for members of the Ting team that blog. Looking to find out a few details about your favorite Ting blogger, or check our past posts? We’d like to say this was by request, but in reality it’s totally vain.
  • We’ve updated our BYOD page to help make things a tad bit clearer on the types of devices that can and cannot make the jump to Ting.
  • If you have cookies disabled in your browser, we used to provide an untinglike draconian warning. No more, as we now stick with the facts about what should work and what won’t.
  • We fixed a small bug with the order confirmation emails for items that are in stock but not shipping out immediately for one reason or another (such as for the Independence Day holiday, coincidentally).
  • If you’re using our Savings Calculator, powered by Validas, you’ll now be seeing more helpful and informative error messages if anything happens to go wrong during your robot-powered savings calculation.


See you again in a couple weeks with more new stuff!