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Seven Must-Have Apps for Android Users

Many of us here at Ting HQ are Android devotees and more are switching all the time. One recent switcher took to Yammer to ask for some internal app recommendations. After spending 10 minutes pulling together my list of a few favorites, I realized I’d be remiss to not share them here too. So, here it is. My top seven favorite Android apps that, in my humble opinion, are true must-haves for Android users new and old.


You HAVE to get Any.DO. It’s a great to-do manager but the missed call notifications are the real seller. My favorite feature of this app (aside from the aforementioned missed call notifications) is the way it integrates your contacts list. You can add a note to “Call Andrew Moore-Crispin” and if I’m in your address book, Any.DO will add a little call icon that you can tap to make the call.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar beats the stock calendar by a wide margin. It’s free but once you’re hooked, it’s $5 for the full version. It seamlessly pulls in your Google Calendar, including any categories and synced calendars you have set up.


Shush! is a great utility; it lets you silence your ringer for a period of time from 15 minutes to 12 hours. No need to open the app, just silence as you normally would and Shush! pops up. You can set the volume your ringer will restore to as well. It’s simple, it does one thing and it does it very well.

Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock Plus is awesome if, like me, you have trouble hauling yourself out of bed in the morning. You can set it to ask you arithmetic questions to force you out. It’s much more customizable than the stock Clock app and the alarm option included there.

Onavo Count

Onavo Count is great if you’re looking to monitor, understand and possibly curtail your mobile data use. It keeps a running tally of your overall data use. You can set a monthly limit and receive alerts when you’re getting close or even shut off the mobile data connection when you hit your limit. The included Widget options are great and notifications alert you to “data hog” apps so you can cut them off at the pass.


OurGroceries is the best grocery list manager I’ve used. If you need to keep grocery lists (or really, any lists) organized and updated between devices, this is must-have. My fiancee and I use this app to plan a two-pronged grocery store attack. We each take a flank then meet somewhere in the middle to consolidate our haul and head to the checkout. This makes for fewer arguments and a time savings of half.


Zedge is great if you want a bunch of custom ringtones and notifications. Special mention to the Loud Alarm and Train Alarm that, in conjunction with Alarm Clock Plus, ensure I get out of bed in the morning… despite my body decrying that sleeping until noon is actually the way it should be.

Do you have any must-have Android apps? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.